Ladies Camera Club

8 Sep 2006

BOM - the journey continues

Someone pointed out to me this week that my have a recognisable style.
When I look at my layouts I actually cannot see what people mean.
Then they remind me that they can tell they are mine because they have pictures of me in them!
Oooooops, I see what you mean!
The reason why I do the speshal dares about me is to provide 52 layouts a year on a week by week account of my life - in pictures. And to continue this "celebrate you" phenomena both Roz and I have started a monthly BOM prompt on UKS. At least you will have 12 layouts to put in you own BOM that you will leave for your family in words as true as the day they were written.
Sad, mad or glad - we should all see ourselves down on those precious pieces of Bazzill as a reflection of what we have achieved, what we want achieve and what we have. My Marko see's all sorts of artwork ranging from him to Ellie to my family to my surroundings but is especially drawn to mine these past few weeks. And he is grateful that should I vanish off the face of this planet, he has a book full of things I wrote and accepted about myself.
The man is finally getting it.
Not getting "it", pah - you know what I mean!


joanna said...

You're so right; I really do need to get my butt in gear and make a proper start on my BOM. I am lovin' the A4-ish layouts - must have a go at that, too :)

Ann(i)e said...

Well you are FANTASTIC dear.....I have been telling you that all along!!
Love this layout....the black flower is scrummy!
Also, love the photo of you in the round mirror.....I would scrap myself more if I had FAB pictures of myself like you do!

juliemdoyle said...

same here, I suppose I should get you to take my pic as well as my kids.
julie x

fgeegf said...

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