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25 Aug 2006

Wide eyed Belle

Isnt she the most adorable girl in the world? This is my first ever shot of ellie staring at the camera with wide eyes and a beaming, no, outstandingly gorgous smile. Although I hate night time photography with flash, this picture is my all time favourite - in the world... ever ever ever. Its better than all the ones I take for my clients and its better than the pictures taken by my guru photographer Mario Testino of Princess D. This was taken with a fairly decent camera the fuji S7000 (and not my Fuji S2 bad boy). Infact the shots taken in the photos in yesterdays blog entry were taken with a FujiS7000. And my hubby took the snap, we were at a very happy point in the holiday and Im delighted with it because my girl is growing up and turning into a star.
This factor 25 girl came back almost as white as she went, I hasten to add. I love the sun, she does not but she did have her trusty plant pot hat and yucky yellow sunglasses (her others broke on holiday and Im desperate for any of my american freinds to help me replace the old silver "killer dude" shades that I bought for her in Cali. The yellow ones are her standby issues!)
Ellie can't swim and we don't think she will ever able be to. The tyre shot here with her orange swim suit has an in built bouyancy aid which gave her the confidence to "go it alone" without our help. Ellie's dips in the pool were sporadic and she wouldn't let us take her in. She simply got up when she felt like it, edged her way in and when she was brave enough to go waist high she beckoned us in the pool to twizzle her round. What a bossy old boot!
My last picture this entry is of mark and Jack - the dambusters. When these two went bombing - they created such hilarity round the pool that the other residents of the hotel gave them marks out of ten. If you havecontu=inuous mode on your camera I urge you to try it for action shots like this. It makes me die laughing looking at mark so high in the air compared to Jack's little jump. The fear in jack's dads eyes also cracks me up. Ellie, though, was not impressed. It was like she tossed her nose in the air and was against all the tom foolery they got up to. That wee lassy is sure developing her pre teen arrogance and I absolute love it!
Id love to upload all 395 pictures of our holiday but I thought I'd cherry pick the most poignant ones and save the "child playing game boy in a mood and hubby lazing in the pool" shots for a rainy day. Which suprisingly, it isnt.
Sunshine? Bikini? Back garden? GO!


debbie said...

aww fab picture kirsty - looks like you had a ball :) Fab photos - so clear!!

Kelly said...

that is one fab piccie kirsty, and one with her eyes wide open too, i can only think how precious that is to you xxx

bookit said...

oh different she looks with her eyes open!!! let's hope there are more photos like this to come and she has learned the 'trick'....and what a great gift to her mummy!

Shell said...

Great picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kirsty!!! That photo of Belle is absolutely stunning .. you both are. No wonder it's your most fave photo of her. She is one gorgeous girl that's for sure. Well done Mark on capturing them like that. Love Boo xxx

Heather said...

What a gorgeous photo of you and Ellie!

And LOL at the "divebombing" shot, with Mark seemingly having jumped a mile in the air. :D

Christi Snow said...

GORGEOUS photo of you two...her eyes are simply scrumptious...she has a wise soul, you can tell through her eyes. Love the photos Kirsty! smiles...

Em said...

Loving those holiday photos Kirsty. How lovely to have such a fab piccie of you and your girl. I'm just loving the last one of your Mark and wee Jack though!

joanna said...

My goodness, that is one fantastic photo of you and Lady E, Kirst - she looks beautiful - absolutely fab. And I LOVE the bombing shot - LOL at the height Mark gets when he's in the air!!! Great stuff xx

Mel said...

Awww Kirsty she is always gorgeous but it is lovely to see a picture with her eyes wide open. Definitely one to treasure. Well done to Mark for capturing that perhaps you should take him on as an apprentice photographer! Mel x

Galaxy Girl said...


Great to see you back. Glad you had a fabbie time. The pic of you and Ellie has just reduced me to tears, as I know just how happy it must make your heart sing! I love too the closeup of her with the blue hat on - super cool dudette.


Corinnexxx said...

gorgeous shot of her with you! Love the jumping shot also!


Roz Roz said...

Love the shot of you and Ellie Wellie, she looks fantastic and you both look so happy. The shot of the boys bombing is brilliant.

Roz Roz said...

Kirsty your blog is doing my bloody head in, not sure if I've left you one or three comments, if I have please delete the duplicate ones and this one as well please.

Jen said...

Pooey blogger just swallowed my comment! Just wanted to say what an awesome pic that is of Ma Belle... Glad you had fun :)

julie said...

Wow hun you must be so happy-thank goodness you always take a good pic lol.

Anonymous said...

hey there stranger. loved the pics and the one of ellie is quite rightly the nicest one you have taken.... glad to see you all back safely pbb

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Not surprised yoy're so thrilled with the pic of your girl - it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you scrap it.

Anonymous said...

Tell Ellie she looks beautiful and she should pose for your camera more offten. Her mum doesn't look have bad either. Great action shot with the divebombing too!

x said...

That pic of you and Belle is just gorgeous Kirsty, not suprised it's your fave pic in the world ever!

Lianne xxx

Sharon said...

Fab pic of you and Ellie! Such a precious photo to treasure especially as its usually you taking the photos! Glad you had a fab holiday and nice to have you back. Hope to see you at a crop soon. Sharon (diamonddiva - UKS)x x x

Susan said...

Cracking photo, you both look so happy :)

domestic goddess said...

gorgoeus photo of you both,

4kidsat147 said...

That photo has just had me sat here saying WOW, WOW.

It's an absolutely idealic shot and one I'm sure you will treasure forever.

I can't wait to see it on a page - or five.

Ann(i)e said...

Hi Sweetsw,
All your pics are GORGEOUS!! I am so glad you had such a great time on holiday...sounds like just what the dr. ordered!!
Hope to see you soon after getting back!!
Much Love!!

Danette Parrish said...

beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. Danette

suebaru said...

Gorgeous photo - Ellie looks so grown up!

Marja said...

Kirsty that is one gorgeous photo of you and Ellie! I absolutely adore it :)

Jaffers said...

What a fabbie photo of the two of you!
Ellie even looks like she has tanned cheeks! :)

Heather said...

Fabby piccies- you look like you had an absolute ball.

love the piccie of you and Ellie- gorgeous girl that she is



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