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26 Aug 2006

Sunset Snaps and blah blah

Dares s'up - this was a toughie subject "If I knew then...." as I don't have any pictures of me in my younger days. Go and check out this weeks array of yummoness. Sunset pictures (by kind inspiration of Ms T) are of Belle and the kids you see omn my blog entry for the 24th Aug)
* * *
As well as biographies I also love "chick lit". For those that don't know what that is (god - what do i sound like .... some book guru, a sarcastic know-it-all, a pompous twit? - yep all of the above!!). "Chick lit" is girl books. Not romance, well maybe a little bit, but not your full on Mills and Boon numbers.
The type I like are the funny-girl-next-door-who-haphazourdously-gets-herself-in-a-bit-of-a-pickle-and-overcomes-the-crossroads-in-her-life-by-realising-the-erros-of-her-ways-and-meets-boy-by-some-kind-of-fete-and-they-fall-in-love-and-he-helps-her-realise-her-shortcomings-and-she-then-accounts-for-all-her-errors-whilst-stitching-up-the-people-involved-in-her-downfall-then-she-puts-right-in-what-was-wrong-and-totally-redeems-herself-an-all-is-well-again You know the ones, don't you?
Its not the predictability of chick-lit that I love. It's the one liners and quick wit (crumbs, that rhymes with chick lit - mwahahahahahahahaha). I don't like to command attention and I always get so embarassed when all eyes are on me but I think its hilarious to feel "allowed" to suddenly laugh out loud by a quiet pool side and have everyone dying to know what is so funny (or probably they wish someone would remove me and take me away in a white van for medical research). Thats why I love chick-lit. Laughing out loud (and crying through books for that matter) prooves that emotion through the written word is just as powerful as the spoken word.
Ellie, on the other hand read "Cat in the Hat" about a gazillion times. I love that Ellie has gained the confidence through books these recent weeks. She is two years behind her peers but has suddenly sky rocketed her interest in books and we are overly delighted. But that book (as bonkers and as nonsense that it is) has made me ultra proud of her. If a child with reading difficulties as hard as hers can manage to read and enjoy a book like that, well my admiration goes out to their perseverance. This milestone in her reading life will not go unoted - thanks to Dr Seuess... the crazy mother.
Aside to my life changing in the past few weeks though the written word, I also want to praise thanks to something else that uplifted my spirits. And that is though the medium of music. Listening to the radio (where anything can play at anytime) I feel that it can take you back to the moment you heard that song last and you can connect to that time again, be it feelings of joy or sadness. Mark and I swapped iPods for the day and I hit the shuffle button as he has over 600 tunes on where as I have just 82. I did have a lot more but I - er- wiped them when I rebooted my system and pressed some crappo function button and wiped my iPod when I came to download more tunes (i did have almost 800 tunes on there. Can you imagine my fright?). Well Marks taste in music far outweighs my sensible listening so hitting the shuffle button was like a real treat - NOT. Jeez, Mark. I had no idea you listened to so much cack. I was feeling particulalrly low one morning by the pool when one tune came hurtling down the wire to my sad little ears. I am just a-gog at how much a 3 minute tune can suddenly change your mood and have your feet tapping on those granite hard sun loungers, make you get up - go for a cappucino with your daughter and snap you out of a very dark cloud. Thanks to The Source feat. Candi Statton "Yoo got the love". Man - I love that tune. This remarkable happening tune is also the climatic tune played at the very end of the end season of "sex and the city" and could easily have twisted me to ordering "no sex on an island" ... lol
Now back to Billy Connolly, the book that had me completely entranced during my first few days on holly. His wife, the very funny Pamela Stephenson, is now a Doctor in Psychology. This is a subject I find utterly amazing. My interest in the human psyche in parallel to being obsessed with biographies, reality TV, blogs and gossip mags has given me an urge to study this subject. This in addition to learning Italian and making better eggs benedict. (Did I just type eggs benedict? What the hell are eggs bendict? .. for once I really can't muster the energy to type this into google in fear of finding out that its some weird sexual position and in turn cram my pc with unwanted pop-ups that will infect my pc forever and ever, with links to websites with horses asses and smelly feet fetish sites - i know it)
By being so keen on human nature I kind of try and understand how we all work. Moods, emotions, reactions etc is what make us "us". My concern lays mostly on the "cause and effect".
Every situation you face in your life has a cause and effect. How we deal with a cause of course brings on the effect. I sometimes wonder how different I can handle a cause because of my sensitivity. My effect is guaranteed and written on the wall for all to see. I am the same old, same old. So by studying psychology I'll be able to conquer why I act like I do and be more wiser into the bargain. Dealing with the demons, regressing whats really making me who I am won't necessairly change me but I can try and understand me and in turn understand you. So not only will you get to have your photo's taken by me in future, I can provide a psyhciatry session in the same breath! Food for though, huh?
On that note I actually have some slots in my diary for photo shoots. Im not sure if you are aware but I do travel. I have bookings in Darlington and London soon - I love the road! September is booked to the hilt and Im looking to fill October except the 14th. Im setting my studio with christmas props too but nothing like a tree with baubles and kids clad in plaid cloth - yeeeeeeeks.


bookit said...

hm...i can just you being a real 'psycho chic' ;)

Linz said...

LOL Kirsty - if you can ever understand me then your a better woman than I am :) but that's not hard!!

Looking forward to meeting you properly next month - are you beginning to get excited about it now? oh and did you get my cheque yet

julie said...

good grief woman that was an essay what you trying to do to us :)
Best have kept a space for taking Kate and Nics pics!!!
julie x

Ams said...

I did a year of psychology at college... realised waay too much than i was ready for.. and so gave up after the AS level. ah well, I think these things have to come in their own time.
october 14th is my birthday, when i'm rich you can come and shoot me. well.. you know what i mean! ;)

Roz Roz said...

OMG, that was a book in itself, don't forget your taking pics of my family and me at the retreat, yahoooooooo, I'll finally have some decent pics to scrap.

fgeegf said...

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