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28 Aug 2006

Pies de resistance!

Look what I made and I didn't use any glue - how unusual. This is my famous summer Tiramisu which I make for most family occasions. As my SIL and family are moving to Wokingham next week, we clubbed together to say goodbye and all brought a meal to my MIL's. My SIL made french onion soup which was, I have to say, out of this world. basic onions soup poured over the top of french stick with cheese. It was divine. My MIL made a tradish sunday roast which was also to die for. Then my effort was laid on the table. I was so proud of myself but worried about it being laden with over 3 trillion calories so I only had a small porsh. Simply made out of maderia cake drenched in bacardi combined with mascarpone cheese mixed with custard, whipped cream, strawberries and crushed amaretti bickies. Then decorated with more strawbs, amaretti bicks and shaved chocolate. If anyone wants the method of this recipe I'd be happy to mail you xx
Talking of Pies de Resistance and all things french, my freind Debs and I booked to go to the paper show in Gay Pareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this morning on a flipping whim. Im torn on which classes to take as they are all above standard but heck, its a girls weekend away and my parents are up for sitting (loves ya). oooooooh and thanks, Jane xx
Yesterday saw me tidying up the hovel that is Belles bedroom. She has no room for anything so we ripped her cupboards bare and made three piles. One for the bin, one for the childrens hospital and one for saves. It broke her heart to part with things she never even played with but when I explained to her how sad it is to spend time in hospital with nothing to play with, her toys would make a great gift from her to make them feel better. Two large refuse bags for the hospital, 3 bags of rubbish and a semi-tidy room later we can heave a sigh of relief. But with her birthday and christmas looming - I kow its going to be chocka-block a again. Why do I bother?
Am finishing off artwork right now whilst mark and belle are at the cinema so I should sign off for today.
Catchya xx


bookit said...

what can i say...YUM-O !!!

Beth said...

That looks so yummy. I find it easier to cull ds's bedroom when he's not home so he doesn't notice what i get rid of.

Corinnexxx said...

ok why oh why did I come here today? I am on a diet and very hungry at the moment, guess I'll pretend I didn't see it.


julie said...

looks scrummy.What you mean hovel belles room super organised like the rest of your house:)
Paris you lucky girl-you planning on been at home much this year lol.
julie x

debbie said...

omg kirsty that looks delish!! So need the recipe! Paris here we come!! lol

Suzanne said...

looks yummy Kirsty!

joanna said...

Ooh, that pudding looks SO yummy - I could just eat a portion!! The girls' bedrooms are going to be thoroughly decluttered as soon as they're back at school next week.They're still at the stage where they don't notice that things have gone!! xx

heather said...

Kirsy that just looks to die looks just scrummylicious.. any chance this little luxurious angel could get the recipe???? taken me all this time to get the courage to ask for it!!! how sad am i??

thanx in advance...


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