Ladies Camera Club

2 Aug 2006

OMG - The Dares, I forgotted

I forgot to upload my Dare for last week's speshals. The title was "What if" which I found incredibly difficult to transpose to a layout (I finished off the title with ...... K Swiss didn't make such super cool trainers?). The day I made this layout I had just come back from summer sale shopping and bought these K swiss, extra swish trainers. My brother and DH wear K Swiss trainers, notoriously more popular in the States. I had to buy them becuase I like plain white trainees (or sneakers, as some of you call them). Ive always wanted a pair because of their supercool status and now I own a pair. These are from the tongue twister range which means you can twist the tongue for a new leook. The otherside of this tongue is navy bllue. Super coolio mega funkerama or what?
Also my lubbly gym pardner has some rather amazing whopping flarla's coming out soon. You know me and flarla's, right? And will someone report to me the moment new the new Basic Grey hits the UK shores. I want Gypsy and I want her now. And I also want everything else from CHA. Including Elsie and her new book, so that she can come and scrap for me whilst I catch up on some bloody work.
OH! And masso congrats to my lovely friend and DT mate Ann(i)e. Im bobbing over to see her sometime to take some, what I hope will be, beautiful preggly tummy shots xx


Ann(i)e said...

Thanks sweetie pie...and I am SO looking forward to a girlie sleep over and photo session!!
PS LOVE the newest Italy uploads....YUM (the photos and the clams!)

Missy said...

oooohhh I love the K-swiss take on the "what if" theme. Yes in deed they are quite popular over here in the US. I have a pair but don't wear them much....I am just a sucker for my Nike running shoes. Although I don't wear sneakers that often.

fgeegf said...

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