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1 Aug 2006

Leaning Tower of Clams

Beside the majestic presence of Pisa's famous tilting tower, I'd like to show you my gastronomic construction made entirely out of clam shells. It had to be done and Im so proud of my creativity. The Italians would have gone crazy over this design and pulled down their version in my honour. But Im kind of taken with the original and it doesn't smell of fish.
When we visited Pisa last Friday little did I know how confused I would be with this monument. Not only is it smaller than I expected but its in a walled area also containing a museum and another Duomo. Its pretty impressive to be honest but the rest of Pisa was such a let down (in comparison to Florence). It was unkempt and felt so lifeless as if the passion had been ripped out of its city boundaries. Im so grateful we didn't just go to Pisa. Im now realising that the hideous 130 euro taxi fare to Florence was worth every darn penny.
You see how blue the sky is in the Pisa picture? That effect is not achievable in photoshop but by a polariser which I bought out there, in Italy. These nifty camera attachments allow a graduated and saturated finish with the sky when taking pics of landscapes. Im so happy with my latest investment. Expect to pay between £40 and £70 for them but they give you amazing results.
And finally - the only piture of both Sarah and I together was taken in the reflection of some swanky shop window. I would have given the camera to someone else to take a picture of us both but the place is full of, quite sadly, thieves and pick-pockets.
Ciao Bella's xx


julie said...

what a clever girl you are-hidden talent lol :)
Can't believe you didn't set the camera to take some pics of you and Sarah -I'll have to come next time so I can take some hahaha

Gina said...

Love your new banner and hair. And o-la-la that tower of clams!

Jill said...

Too funny on the clam tower! Jill (pea Jill_Ilene)

Cath said...

Cool photos hon!

Oh dear, I felt your "pain" of visiting the dentist. xxx Good luck for next month - we'll be thinking off you x

Missy said...

OK, the picture in the store window is really cool. I just LOVE the background sky in the tower picture. What kind of polarizer lens is that?

Maggie said...

I was in Pisa last May and luv every minute of it. Yes it's a compound, I didn't enjoy all the junk the Indians were hacking every step of the way, I kinda block that out.
We went on the tower very early in the morning and did the museum late in the evening when most people were gone and it was fabulous.
Luv your creativity with the clams.