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28 Aug 2006

Comfort food

I don't normally graze on junk food much whilst Im working but today I had the incredible munchies. My fave heart attack food is walkers plain crisps and jaffas washed down with tea. Mark and belle went to see Cars at the cinema whilst I finished off various odds and ends and deadlines. He had made a tomato and chilli soup for lunch but put one too many chilli's in and it was like spooning in molten lava. Pheeeeeeeew! And cos I didnt eat that liquid fire I sure had the muncho's by 3pm. I was in heaven and now, at 11pm I have weighed myself and I have put on 23 pounds. But Im happy and full of jaffa-rey goodness, high on sugar and buzzing from the carbs. Is it too late to go for a jog?
Ellie's room is almost done but here is the "before" picture. This, I may add was the picture taken mid "sort". Her room is normally quite tidy as various scrappers will tell you. We have had loads of them stay in her high captains bed from Sue to Jo and to Natalie - the Ed of The scrap mag. Ellie has proudly shown Anna, Jenny, Sarah and Julie around her room but did she offer to open the cupboards busting at the seams? No - you see my Belle is a little minx and in her bed yesterday we found 36 teddies stuffed under her pillow, down the side and at the end of the bed. The poor lamb just loves her beanies so much, she cant bear to put them in a cupboard. Oh no, in the cupboard go educational books, beads, stationary, clothes, school stuff and little bits that fly out of the cupboard at 3 million miles an hour and right into your eyeballs, up your nose and down your pants.
But I dont mind. Thats why being a mum (and tidier-upper) is just part and parcel of loving her.


julie said...

Actually she did open all her cupboards to show me and I couldn't believe how tidy she kept them.Maybe a shelf to put the beanies on:)
Looks like you had a really good sort out it will be like that in kates room once she goes back to uni going to blitz the place.
julie xxx

Nicki said...

Oh god that so looks like my 8 year olds bedroom when we tackled it at the weekend. Snack pic is surely worthy of a layout!

joanna said...

And that bed is SO comfy!! Looking forward to seeing you later, hun xx

Debbie said...

hmmm..drooling...mind sharing the jaffas Kirky?

Ann(i)e said...

photos are lovely my dear. dessert looks so scrummy even I would eat some (ME, the "I hate cream girl.")
Sending you smooches!!
PS Dean is crying for me to get back to your blog because he was dancing like a crazed man to the music!!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

yum - jaffas - my fave :D

I'm starting to feel shamed into tackling my girls' room. Poor Holly is too young to know it, but she still has a stack of cardboard boxes for a chest-of-drawers because we haven't sorted out new furniture since we moved... Slacker mum, I am.

Roz Roz said...

UMMMMMMHHHHHHHHH ready salted walkers crisps, have to go and get a packet now to eat, you witch you made me fall off my diet again, please no more food pics, its just to much for me to cope with.

You stink, ha ha

fgeegf said...

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