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30 Jul 2006

yawn, more pics.......

Here is the courtyard picture that wouldn't upload last night. I hate blogger. I know its free and all that but I'd be willing to pay to have more pics on my daily bore. I would you know.
It was in this courtyard that lead to the tasting room. We had two types of Chianti - both the Classico and the Reserve. I loved the Reserve. Then we had a sweet, kind of fortified wine that you dipped these almond biscuits in. To be honest, it tasted like Harveys Bristol Cream which totally reminds me of old ladies and boring conversation about "In my day we used to .....". You know the kinds of drink I mean - like a sherry. Bluergh. We met a traveller from Quebec called Nicole. She had been backpacking round Berlin, Paris and then Florence. I hated her immediately (only for her freedom, mind!) The porr girl loved the experience but did find it lonely. I talked the hind legs off the girl, I bet she desperately wanted to be back being on her own again after I bored her to death with my yorkshire accent and sqeals of delight everytime I took a sip of wine.
And here is a picture of a bike. Isn't it just so painfully ordinary? Thats what I like ..... abandoned ordinaryness. Every man and his dog travels around Florence on these babies and of course, Mopeds. They wizz by like little hairdryers on wheels, they do. I think if I stepped out onto the road and once crashed into me, Id still be standing. They only go at about 2mph but it sure beats hot buses and walking, for that matter.
Aaaaw man, blogger won't let me upload anymore. The swines (with a view to being parma ham on my plate). I was going to bore you with another door knocker and my meal that I made us last night. Needless to say we absolutely stink of garlic.
And sleep.


julie said...

No kissing you then later!!! Its going to take you months to show everyone your pics :)
julie x

Ann(i)e said...

Really loving your pictures dear!!
Keep posting!!
Great to chat yesterday!

Sarah said...

Loving the new header - adore that pic of you

We had fun in Bella Italia, didn't we????

suebaru said...

Love you new header hun! Will ring you soon, seems ages since we talked! xx

Flo said...

gorgeous photos as usual!

cool new header too

I'm wondering though why you seem to have an upload limit with blogger pics and I don't seem to? I've had 7 or 8 photos in a post before with no probs....strange....

Missy said...

ooohhh those pictures are just fantastic. I told DH that we better check our passports because I was bound and determined to get to Italy in the near future.