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20 Jul 2006

Too hot - even to eat!

I know we all keep moaning about the weather but this is obscene. We go to Menorca in August and whilst I cannot wait I truly think we would have been better off staying here and getting a tan! Belle and I practically strolled around the house starkers - all day. When it came for me to visit Marks' nan in hozzy at 2.30pm, I opened the front door to what felt like a greenhouse. As much as it was hot in the house, it was even more hotter outside. I was dripping with sweat in almost 5 minutes. I put a very floaty summer dress on Ellie to try and keep her cool and I wore a skirt which allowed a little "circulation" shall we say.
As marks nan has Tuberculosis, its advised that children dont visit so I bobbed along with my MIL, Pat. She is a very gentle and kind soul who is just dying inside seeing her mother so helpless in hospital. We went to raise Nans spirits and for a woman of 84 - she takes all the needles and cuts like a brick. She is so strong hearted and spirited - I truly think she is meant to live forever. My dear friend Anna is also suffering as her father is ill in hospital too - not a good time for both of us right now :(
I came home to get ready for Michelle Grants (see picture!) leaving do. We went to an Indian just shy of Manchester airport and it was far too hot to eat. Im only hoping that I will lose at least 4 lbs from not eating and sweating into the bargain. A-hem. And then I came home and stuffed myself stupid with Vanilla ice cream and mini meringues. A girls gotta keep cool huh?


Roz Roz said...

Kirsty sorry to hear about your nan, hope she feels better soon and wee ellie can go and visit her, it will do her the power of good to see that little angel.

Natalie said...

Really cool photo of Michelle - she looks great - I know she was really happy with the shoot.

Sending you big hugs for Mark's nan.

Natalie X

Missy said...

Darn that photo is just awesome. She looks like a model in that shot.

Sorry to hear about your DH's sounds like she is quite a woman. I do hope she is feeling better soon.

bookit said...

aww...your poor nan!
love the photos...she looks cool!!!

susan j said...

NO!! It's never too hot to eat, especially chocolate!!