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11 Jul 2006

Thank you a bazillion times!

My friend Julie came over last night to drop off payment for the photo's I took of Mike last week and came armed with goodies for both Ellie and I. I love presents but I only expect them at Crimbo and Birthdays so you can imagine I was delighted with these babies. Wrapped in a brown kraft bag and tied with a wooden primitive heart and handmade primitive tag I found a gingham tissue wrapped bundle tied with gingham ribbon. That alone was enough to make me happy. Inside was a pink tin heart, a book with yummy hearts on and a pack of patterend tissues. For people that do not know - I LOVE PRIMITIVE FINGS (and patterned tissues!). Anything with Gingham, angels, hearts, stars, tins, birdhouses - the lot. I was over the moon. Julie truly (lol at the rhyme!!) knows how to make a girl smile. Im indebted to her generosity.
Then came more gifts. I took some pictures of Suzannes family the other week and she had sent me along some beautiful clothes and shoes for Ellenor. Ellie is very hard to buy for because her frame is so small, so it's hard for her to look "trendy" as a 10 year old when you have to wear 6-7 year old clothing. We absolutely adore these shoes. Ellenor looked at them long and hard before she owuld try them on. As a kid who has to live in trainers and lightweight shoes - she takes footwear very seriously. But she loves them and left them by her bedside so that they would be the first thing she saw when she woke up (boo hoo, I want to be the first thing she see's!!). She also got sent some gorgous tops and I would supply pictures but Blogger is being mean to me on uploads. Suzanne sent shades of clothes I would have never picked but they truly are scrummy xx
Isnt this hoody the best thing ever and its Diesel!!!. My child will be a posh criminal in this baby! Im off to go and lose weight and hopefully try and squeeze into them.
Catch ya'll laterz xx


Shell said...

I fancy those shoes for myself!! They are fab-a-roony!

Galaxy Girl said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh, love da shoes, they are da bomb!! Do they come in size 5 I want some.


bookit said...

ok...i NEED those shoes...seriously!!!

TopCat76 said...

cute shoes! I think it's a new "rule" on blogger, no more than 3 pics per post as I keep having the same issue... drives me bonkers!
Trace x

Jolene said...

I am LOVIN' those red shoes!!! They are b'yoodiful - Lady E must look so fabtabulous in 'em. xx

Jen said...

Funky baby! Loving both the top and the shoes. Can't wait to see La Belle in them!!