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10 Jul 2006

Random weekend piccies

Aside from taking pictures of the nations children and families - here are some ones of us from the weekend. Mark is looking his gorgous self, I look a minger (naturally) and the pouty, moody windswept number below will have Yves St Laurent dashing for his jewel encrusted phone trying to grab me for the Paris fashion show in September. But, Im way to slim to be a model. Mwahahahahahahahahaha !
What else can I bore you with? Ahhhhhhh, yes - Ellenora (as I have decided to call her today) is going through a growth spurt and was not a well beany this morning. This meant I had to put the gym on hold until this evening and boy am I suffering with my knees grating. "Cod liver oil!" I hear you all exclaim. No way matey peeps. Im going to use WD-40 on my joints from now on. And whence I came back from the gym, my lovely freind Julie came to collect Mikes prints on disc. We went out for a meal and further to payment for the photography she also provided me with a scrummy bag of delights. I will furnish you with a picture of this bags' content in the morning. Im just admiring the wunnerful things now. She kindly bought Ellenora a bag of scrummy girly things and best of all there was a bar of "Dove" soap in there. Julie and I think that it would be jollly fabulous to bring out a "Dove" flavoured candle. Who is in agreeance?
Im off to bed, im flamin knackered - if I must be so bold, brash and brazen about it xx


Roz Roz said...

put me down for one of your candles, love the smell of Dove.

I think you look stunning, love the windswept look, but not sure it will catch on. :)

julie said...

hope your not to tired this morning and what relief not to see my pic on screen this morning.didn't realise how late it was last night.
julie x

Shell said...

Loving the model look babes!

Susan said...

Dove candle, hhmm, no but if someone could make one that smelled like Jaffa Cakes...