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12 Jul 2006

Peace and Tranquility

Belle and I ventured out to Parbold last night on a photography assignment. She was not best pleased. I promised her a "junk" tea if she didn't have a face like a wet kipper and although bribing is not good to some - to me its a god send. When we got to Parbold, I picked out my subjects and snapped away. Down by the end of the church yard we spied a stunning canal - one we had never seen before. Its not often we go to Parbold but if we ever won the lottery, its where we would choose to live. Converted barns, listed buildings and wee cottages bedeck the hillside like a scattering of gorgousness. It truly is heavne. I took these pictures to let you share with us the wonders of Lancashire life xx
Today, I caught up on some tail ended admin which is humbling for the soul and I also found out that my business is set to change hands this very monday. Once the deal had been struck I kind of winced and wondered had I made the right choice? I know its what I want but its been my baby for 3 years. In light of the photography going banana's its wise to free up my time to do the editing which I find is no picnic. Not becuase I don't enjoy it but converting from Raw to Jpeg take flippin hours. Still, its my choice and I just happen to love it, love it very muchly.
I spent some time conversing with Anita today. This girls stuff is amazing and Im going to steal all of her ideas and take the scrapworld into my evil clutches and rule the universe.
And then I wake up!


julie said...

love parbold and used to visit a lot.Not been for a while.Lovely craft centre not faraway will tell you about it on sun.
lovely pics by the way.
julie xx

bookit said...

OOOoooOOO....those pics of parbold bring back memories! as for taking t he scrapping world by storm, you already don't need my ideas!!!

julie said...

both of you do you realise how much time I'm spending reading blogs really am going to have to find more hours in the day and night!!!!!!!!!!!
julie x

domestic goddess said...

i agree babes, anita is one talented lady!
love the canal photo