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14 Jul 2006

One year, 5 countries, no sleep

By the time October comes and goes I'll have been to 5 countries this year. Mark and I have have just come back from the holiday shop with a 2 week holiday for us and Ellie in Minorca. We *heart* Minorca becuase its such a good destination for kids. They look after the children during meals because they fuss over them and offer tempting dishes other than spanish cuisine (good for Ellie, not for me .... I love Tapas and Paella!) and there are always lots of activities for them be it parks, amusements and pool activities. Ellie is besides herself as the last time we went, she didn't want to leave. This picture here was taken in Minorca in 2002. Ellies two top front teeth are missing. Its also here I took this infamous shot of Ellie in her swimmy cozzy.
I can't believe how much Ellie has grwon. Ive so many photo's to scrap of her and looking back at these makes me appreciate my hobby more. Her curls, her eyes and her skin are just as peachy now but that cherub like innocence is starting to wain as she matures into a little lady with an attitude!
So 5 countries huh? Ok, I went to California in April, Holland in May, Italy next week, Spain in August and France in October. Then I go to Holland again in November. Don't think for for one minute that I lead such a jet set lifestyle becuase most of this is funded out of my moth eaten pocket! My only smugness is that I get to photograph these beautiful places and sample their culture.

Talking of cultures - watch this space. Anita and I are up to something!


domestic goddess said...

lucky you hun, all sounds fab, cant wiat to see what you and anita have up your sleeve!

julie said...

anita said she has something cooking so we will watch this space (and hers).Love the pics of Ellie.
julie x

Little Monkey said...

international globetrotter eh :@) cute pics of Ellie what a sweetie x

AnJaka said...

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Anonymous said...

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