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5 Jul 2006

My camera never stops

It's so true! This time the photography mission was aimed at my Belle and my niece and nephew in aid of lighting up the dark days of their Great Nan. Nanna Bet has ...get this...Tuberculosis (and not Pneumonia after all). What is that all about? One had thought it had been eradicated in the 60's but no. Thanks to illegal immigrants the disease is back and preying on the elderly. So off we went to my local park to take pics of the kids in this blistering heat (and that was at 1900hrs!). Daniel was loving it and asking me if I preferred "this pose" or "shall I climb this tree, auntie Kirsty?". I loved his keen eye for composition - the kid is a natural.
Even Belle was up for climbing little trees..... bonkers or what? The kids really wanted to delight their great nan and were so good for me but I think the main attraction was, of course, the park. Im absolutely overjoyed that both photo sessions this week have been good fun plus it was so good to get out of the house - its stifling with the heat and there is not a drop of breezy breeziness.
As well as a good night shooting, it was Belle's sports afternoon today. She didn't compete as this year all the heats were running races - egg and spoon, backwards race, hopping, skipping etc. There was no way I was letting Ellie be humiliated and although the teachers knew that they had to include her I bit the bullet and asked for her to be involved somehow (my heart was breaking inside) So they gave her the first aid job with Mrs Atherton and Ellie truly thought she was a nurse. She attended to 8 injuries but still swears that she will be a massuese when she is older. She so delicately puts that nurses are are Doctors slaves!
I hope you give your mother freebie indian head massages Ellie or else!


Anonymous said...

julie says
you where up late last night.What a lovely pic of Ellie she looks so cool.Glad she enjoyed sports day even though she didn't race. Hope your nan is on the mend and getting better.XXX

Galaxy Girl said...

coolio picture of Ellie.

Glad she managed to participate in sports day - put me down for one of her massages.


Jen said...

Aw! Glad Ellie was able to take part in her own way. Claire learned very early on to give me head, shoulder and foot massages, and believe me, it's heaven!! LOL Sorry about your gran. Yep - TB is on the rise here. Outrageous! If we want to live anywhere like the US or Oz we have to jump through hoops and prove we are not ill. Here, people walk in with TB, HIV, Hep C, you name it... and we do nothing. It's madness :(

suebaru said...

Love the pic of Ellie - she looks so cool!

Roz Roz said...

Wow Ellie a nurse bet she was fantastic. how smart she is though in her comments about slaves, you tell it as it is girl.

wakzak said...

You have gotta love that kid she is so wise for her years, nurses are doctors slaves, yes wise indeed. Kirsty so glad you have become a photographer, your pics are great. Anyhow hope Nan gets better soon, i know she'll love the photo's (maybe send a tissue as well) love julia(wakzak)

Lynsey said...

Gorgeous picture of Ellie.