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19 Jul 2006

More wedding pics

Thanks to Natalie for some editing tips to help my wedding pics fizz. This is Caitlin - the bridesmaid wearing her mums shoes. Jane took them off around the park during the shoot, so Caitlin decided to clippy clop in these clacking slingbacks. I adore this shot.

I tried the editing tricks on a couple of more shots below. LOVE EM!

Somehow, a little flower girl running away looks far more an interesting shot than a full on "front" shot. This little minx stole the day as it was. I wanted to scoop her up in my camera bag and take her home.
I shall upload more later today. Fun editing to do xx


Kelly said...

oooohhhhhh isnt that devine how cute is that piccie i wubs wubs wubs it, its fabbaroonie xxx

email coming from work too re;music hope it helps


Sarah said...

Absolutely scrumptious pics hun - you did right moving forward selling your old business & setting up the new - these proove it - with each shot you move from strength to strength

You are a superstar photographer - I can't wait to see more!

Sharon Speakman said...

Hi Kirsty - your pics are coming on a treat - they are just fabbo!!!! Well done on your new venture!! See you at a crop soon x x x

Missy said...

ooooohhh my that picture of the back of the flower girl is just amazing. I wish I could do my wedding over again and have you as my photographer....such amazing shots.

domestic goddess said...

great photos hun xx

julie said...

love them so nice to see what you've done to change them from the orginals-that where stunning to begin with.The one of the little girl makes her look like she's running on the beach. XXX

Natalie said...

Pleasure to be of service Madam. Just remember me when you're famous and I'll remember you LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

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