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6 Jul 2006

just one of those days....

where some things are planned but unplanned things happen too and even better - belly laughs to boot. I went to the gym as usual this morning with Sazzle and the plan was to go to Costco to get prints developed. But in my haste I ended up driving to Wigan to my lock up to get something for her shop and when I opened the lock up and guess what? Everything I needed was at the back. So we had to oyk everything out in like 100 degrees centigrade, grab the grid wall and put everything back. It was way better than a work out but I tell you what, all that hard work was nothing compared to stupid girly laughing. I was so pathetic. I couldn't lift a thing and in my weakness all I could do was laugh ... but not ha ha ha. I mean heee heee heeee. Like mutley from Catch the Pigeon. It was that hot that no sound came from my lungs other than a weezing cackle and the vessels in my neck were so stressed, I thought I was going to bust them.
Eventually we ended up in Costco to get some promo prints developed. I had massive 12x8 prints done of my latest shoots and I wanted to cry! Im used to seeing these shots on a flat screen but on printed photopaper .. in largeness .. sheeeesh, it was exhilerating.
The moral of the story? For every 20 bad days it only takes one good one to completely forget that you were ever in a crap mood.
Oh and random picture of a snail is because.... (you have to finish the sentence)


Roz Roz said...

snail.......I'm peckish and a snail would be fab in a garlic butter sauce.

snail......... some times you need to slow down like a snail to enjoy whats passing you by.

So pleased you had a good day, belly laughs are the best exercise ever invented, you'll be sore tomorrow but it will be worth it.

Ams said... becuase you've suddenly decided that portrait of humans just isn't your thing anymore becuase the emotions involved with getting a large print done is just too much.... so you've taken to photographing insects as the prints for them are of course much smaller (well you couldn't give a snail a 12x8 inch print could you?) and therefore alot less emotion is involved.


bookit said...

a random photo of a snail may have took your time to get to fun and happiness over the last few days, but like a snail, you got there in the end!
wow...Pylosofikal huh!

Anonymous said...

julie said
is because you had to go slow to get your breathe back and there was the snail going slow as well. Hope one of the prints that got you all emotional is one of mike lol
glad you had a smily day instead of a frowny one

domestic goddess said...

great to hear you are on the road to happiness babes

Jen said...

a snail because ..... I'm French!! Thank you for thinking of me LOL

Glad you had a fun day - I was giggling like Mutley just reading about it.

Kelly said...

you've been tagged copy and paste questions from my blog if you wanna play !!!

Sue said...

snail ......coz sometimes you feel like the snail and the world is a big bad scary place, and ....sometimes you fell like the snail and its a big beautiful world that we need to take time to enjoy......oooooooooooooooo deep

Jolene said...

snail...reminds us all that sometimes we should just take a moment, take it easy, and take things a little more slowly! Can't wait to see some of your big photos, darl. Love ya! Jolene xx

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