Ladies Camera Club

5 Jul 2006

hot hot hot

It's so darn hot. Hot I can deal with on holiday but hot I cannot in the UK. Its so muggy and although we have had the most hideous thunder tonight .. guess what? It's still hot. My fingers have gone chubby, Im sat here almost butt naked (ok, TMI!) and I have a fan on which is blowing hot air. Ive just put the finishing touches to my speshal dare and as soon as the glue dries, Im out of here and into a hot bed.

Something fun better happen in the morrow. Today has been just horrible (and hot). Can somebody make it happen - like...... erm Something fun. Nothing heavy, something pleasant .... A bit of rain might be good.
Plus Im sick to death of frowning - have you ever had that? Your head starts to ache, your eyes squidge to the furrows of your brows and you look like you have been slapped with a wet kipper. I think some of you will agree thats my everyday look but the more I feel like this - I will turn into a cod, let alone a kipper. Mwahahahahahahahhahaha


bookit said...'s so hot here too! i'm sat with my macbook under the umbrella in my garden, cool drink and i even brought the fan outside! we have airco in our bedroom so some peace from theheat at night.
love the photo of ellie and her friends...she seems to be getting more comfortable infront of the camera!

Anonymous said...

julie said
glad some one else was up late Kirsty.You do realise that I will now have to spend even more time on the comp after checking out your links to all those fabby peeps.Love the pic and hope the day brings smiles and not frowns.
Anita think I'd be spending the day in the bedroom with the air con.
julie xxxx

domestic goddess said...

muggy here to hun, just need a thunder storm to clear the air

Roz Roz said...

so hot here as well but no storms for us yet, just looked out of window though and some dark clouds coming in, so fingers crossed. Hope you've stopped frowning now, remember what you mum use to say, the wind will change direction and you will be stuck like that.

Jolene said...

This heat is sh*te, isn't it!!! Great photo of Ellie with her cousins - really lovely. Talk to you soon xx

Jen said...

Love the b&w/colour pic. Gorgeous! Have you had a storm and is it better now???


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