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25 Jul 2006

Home - for like, 3 seconds

Im home - all alone.
Well, thats a big fat juicy lie because I'm surrounded by one hundred thousand summer bugs. Moths, mozzies and these hideous lime green big flies with a wingspan as wide as my hips. And that's pretty wide my freinds. Ive just unpacked from my mums to wash in preparation for Florence. On the way back I went shopping in the Trafford centre and bought some fabbo bargains. I love the summer sales, I bought far more than I planned for less.
Belle is back at mums for two weeks which is why Im going on a short break. Did you really think I'd leave her at home playing with matches, open bottles of bleach and encouraging posters of how to stick wet fingers into plug sockets?
Im just about packed for Florence with regards to "scrap supplies". Sarah and I have decided to cover paper bag pages (which take hours) so all we have to do when we get back is slot photo's in. Im doing a 5 bagger which is pretty huge by normal standards. I have no idea when we plan to do this becuase during the day I want to see EVERYTHING and at night its possible I will be getting wasted at the bar!
I must go to bed my sweet bloggers. I'll leave youwith a picture of Belle asleep on our sofa which was taken a few weeks back. Im sure gonna miss that wee kiddo xx


bookit said...

ah...summer bugs drive me nutz!!! my DH spent the whole day esterday making amazing mosi nets on frames to click over over single window in the hose...bliss!!!
Enjoy lucky girl!!! the scrapbooking can wait until you get home, just soak up the atnosphere in photos!

julie said...

Love the pic of ellie.She'll have a Lovely time at your mums and you'll be to busy to miss her to much.I've emailed you so make sure you check your mail.Have a great time-paper bag books I'll believe it when I see it lol.
julie xxx

suebaru said...

Love the photo of Ellei! have a fab time away! xx

Jolene said...

Have a fabbo time - can't wait to see your photos - you will have a ball in Florence! xx

greyparrot said...

oh man I lurrrve the trafford cantre! Dunno if it is still there but there was a lil place that did the bestest coffee ever! ANd the water shooterer thing is amazing! oh and the shops of course!
Have a fabbo hols- I'm sure you will!

Missy said...

I am so jealous of your little Italy jaunt. Hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see those fabbo pictures.

blogsearcher said...

What are you looking for today?

Roz Roz said...

Have a fab time, can't wait to see the pics you take.