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29 Jul 2006

Here they are

....well, some of them anyway. This is a masso combination of my favourites but I just couldn't possibly upload the whole lot. Some things I have to keep for myself and my travel journal.

This is Florence at sunset down by the river - just in front of Ponte Veccio. Click on the picture to see it in its full glory. Taken on a manual setting with a slow shutter speed Im grateful that I caught the sun and its magical shades of reds as it dipped below the horizon to light up the morning on the other side of the world.

this picture below is one of many door knockers that I sawe and snapped. In Florence you don't have such plasticness of uPVC doors. All of their doors are wooden and have wither brass studs or knockers. So ornate and proud and beautiful. It truly is a place of wonder and these door knockers add granduer to hungry sight seer's.

The picture below is one Sarah took of me with a reflection of the Duomo. I took one of her just before this one not realising that I'd captured the reflection and of course I wanted one to remember for myself. I could stare for days at it - there are so many inscriptions, marble art and figures to pore over. I wanna go back :( - somebody magic me there and in return I shall give you herma!
I would have loved to have uploaded a picture of a Tuscan courtyard but blogger will not let me (so I'll dron on anyway). Its here we took a trip to sample wine and check out the valleys absolutely dripping with vineyards and olive groves. Sadly, the bus wizzed past all opportunistic shots (hence me wanting to go back to stop on the roadsides and actually take a proper vineyard shot!) It was so peaceful here in Chianti. We learned a lot about the wine and how it tested for quality and believe me - it tasted beautiful. For those who appreciate red wine, Chianti is characterised by a black rooster on all of its labelling which acts as an original Chianti region produced red wine. Check me out!! I was paying attention to the guide!

Messages for my freinds as I can't get into hotmail neither :( - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Roz, your stuff will be with you when I post out on Monday and Doolie? Ill ring you first thing in the morning. Ive had a bit of a hectic day. And Elin, I will get back to you Monday morning... just checking something out for you xx


bookit said...

love your knockers hon ;) !!!!!
and don't you just look so chic in those glasses, great reflecton !

julie said...

:) Anita made me laugh. Love the pics and you look super cool in those glasses.I have now added Florence to the list of places I want to go.

Ann(i)e said...

lovely pics baby!! I LOVE the door knocker picture....just gorgeous!!
Been missin' you sweetpea...glad you are back and hopefully we can catch up soon!

Ams said...

that reflection picture is just fantastic... such a gorgeous idea!!

Ams said...

ooh and i seem to have been send your LO from the magazine people... I'll send it back when i've got some money...and something to put it in lol.
Ams xxx

Shell said...

Fab pictures hunny!!

debbie said...

gorgeous photos kirsty and good to have you back :)

domestic goddess said...

sounds like you had a fab time, hopw to speak soon as i am off on my hols on friday, not as chic as yours mind

Roz Roz said...

Kirsty, save yourself the postage, I'll get it off you at the weekend.

the pics are lovely, loving the big knockers, nudge nudge, wink wink. uhhhhhhhhhhhh rude.

Jolene said...

Beautiful photos, darl - that sunset is absolutely stunning - looks so vibrant and gorgeous. See you soon xx