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23 Jul 2006

Fun times

We have had a fabulous and wonderful weekend at my parents house. My mum celebrated her birthday with us and my bro FINALLY propsed to Kerry. Im so happy to share this time to mark the end of what has been a difficult few weeks. I've taken over 400 photos that mean nothing and yet everything. We have laughed so hard that our guts have fallen out, we have eaten somuch that our guts have doubled in size and we have talked and chatted and moaned and put the world to rights.
Belle has had an amazing little break too. We have walked for miles taking in the briney air on Bridlington promenade. We have been to the arcades and the parks and junk food shops to give this wee lassy a wonderful and memorable weekend. Here we are sharing a squidge under the shelters on the promenade.
And here's the wubbly couple! You can't see her ring but Leigh had it specially made out in Qatar (with a matching wedding ring!). He has offered to take one of my designs back to have a pendant made in white gold for my necklace. Im so excited because this service in the UK costs the earth.
Kerry formally asked Ellie to be a bridesmaid (this will be her 3rd time!) and Ellie was far more interested in her gameboy at the time of asking. To cushion the blow, I offered to do their wedding photos and save them a few bob. Oooooooh Im just beside myself with the fun times we have had. I rarely get to see my parents and having Leigh home on leave was an added bonus. Sadly my sister did not stop by but sometime soon we will all get together again.
I'll leave you with a scrummy picture of my mum. Ive not got a great deal of pictures of her and this is just how I like to remember her when Im back home.
Good times everyone. Good times.
ooooooooh and........ Ive had a laylout published on Cherry Artes gallery. **Blush**


julie said...

Hi Kirsty
sounds like you had a lovely weekend and now you have your lovely trip to look forward to.Hope you got pm about taking pics of kate on sunday???
see you soon
julie xxx

Ams said...

aww those pictures are lovely!

domestic goddess said...

lovely photo of you mum and really good to see a photo of you and ellie!!!

big hugs
anna x

suebaru said...

Love the photo of you and Ellie xx

Sue said...

in the words of my fabby Darren " I belive that family are worth more than money or gold"
what a great weekend

Missy said...

Glad to hear you had such a fantastic weekend. I love trips home to connect with my family. Wonderful pics as well. Congrats on the Cherry Art gallery...I will have to go check that out. Their paper is SO your style!!!

Roz Roz said...

Kirsty, you are positively glowing in the pic with you and Ellie, been home is obviously so good for you.

Cath said...

What fantastic photos. Can't wait til your bro gets married and we get to see the photos - what a lush couple they are, there wedding will be a stunner I'm sure.

Beautiful piccy of your mum too.

Jen said...

Oh what a great time you are having. Lucky future SIL - you know we all think your bro is a babe LOL Love the picture of your mum. Cherish it darling - you know how I regret not capturing my mum sooner :(