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12 Jul 2006

Extra post in addition to below!! How unusual!

I have further thanks to give to Anita fro sharing some inside info on editing today. But can you believe she traded-off one of my pre-loads for this one? I know I got the better deal, sorry Anita! (but then she might prefer mine!) I love the effect and I will soooo use it for an idea I had for this weeks Dare . Im not so sure about the high red tones in my skin but lord knows how funky the effects look. My eyes look a bit sore, like Ive been crying... perhaps its a great tool to incorporate that in some moody gothic shots. Or perhaps a teenage grunge look (coming up in some of my next shots) should make this effect work its full magic.

Infact on closer inspection - those red tones really need to go ... yeeks. And I swear Im not wearing lippy, thats how its turned out.
Ive more pictures to upload today. Ive so much to share!

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bookit said...

you can tone down the red tones kirsty with the just need to play a little...but totally funky huh ;)