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13 Jul 2006

Cwop, Scwap and Fwo'ence

No - I have not lost my ability to use letters R and L. Ive been to a crop tonight where I went to scrap (I had a fabulous time!) and I also booked tickets to go to Florence today. Ive dreamt for years to do a cultural visit to Italy (although Im dying to go to Barcelona, Austria and Prague too). I am venturing off on a 3 day mini break. I love that saying, "mini break". Its so cheese on toast. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, infact I keep having to have giggle to myself like a silly child who feels mischievous and daring. Sarah and I go on the 25th July from Liverpool's John Lennon Airport. Have you ever flown from there? I love their ode to Lennon in all of their aiport signs - "above us only sky", taken from the song "Imagine". Sweet. Whilst in Florence and Pisa I need to do the "push the tower up" kind of photo's, Be rude around the statue of David, be sensible around the Duomo (Yeeeeks, that will be hard!) scoff copious amounts of pasta, ice cream and Rioja and pass out by some historic building to soak up its oldness.

We just won't mention Zidane whilst we are there - huh?


bookit said... all like like you're having fun!!!!
i'm so jealous of the mini break, i love to travel too! you'll have a great time and take lots of photies!

Sarah said...

Fabbo time at the crop babes - so pleased you could make it. Can't WAIT for Fiorenze.......11 days to go!!!

domestic goddess said...

have fun babes, looks like life is on the up now for you :)

Susan said...

They should have used another line from Imagine to reflect the Scouse Baggage Handlers

'Imagine No Possessions'

Have a great time!

wakzak said...

John Lennon Airport is great no hassle like Manchester!!! Flew to Madrid with Easy Jet last year brill. I'm jealous as Italy is one place I'm dyyyying to go to. Don't forget to show us all your lovely photees.
Julia Zak

julie said...

had a great time last night and such a nice surprise you turning up.see you sunday
julie x

Lianne said...

I want a mini break!! I'm so jealous :(
Looking forward to Sunday, see you there,

Lianne xxx

Mel said...

Have fun, you will love it and it is SOOOOO photogenic! Mel x

Jen said...

Oh you lucky girl! Have fun. Have you booked Paris yet? I haven't had the funds so far, but I dearly want to go :( I'll be your official translator if I make it ;)

Sam said...

ooohhh cool crop - sorry I missed the photo op at the end

Sam said...

ooohhh cool crop chicks, shame I missed the photo op!!

Sam said...

ooohhh shame i posted a comment twice, worra muppet!!