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9 Jul 2006

Cutie Patooties

Meet Heather and Andrew - Elins kiddies, all the way from Scotland. I just could of swooped them up in my arms and carried them to my attic with all the other cute kiddies I have locked up in there. Oooooh! I just wanted to eat them. Andrew was not posing for me at all, we had to really bribe him and ended up having to play daft ringtones from his mobile phone to make him laugh. It was a bit blustery outside in my garden today hence hair flick shots but I think it adds to his character and I managed to get some good shots of im. He is such a good looking boy.
But wee Heather? Well, she was just a darling but did let me know when a certain pose or two was making her neck ache. I did one shot where I said "pretend to be sad" and she practically burst into tears! Plus it was her 4th Birthday today so she was on tip top form.

Asides from a fun photo shoot we went Boots shopping. Not Boots as in your "feet" but you know, the chemist. i don't know what it is about Boots but I love the big stores. I am fascinated with grooming products, make up, camera equipment, clothes for kids, remedies, perfumes - the lot! We went in for some clippers for marks hair and ended up spending another £72 on stuff I really didnt need but will come in handy anyway. I got home and though "£72?". I could have got a new tote for that or perhaps a gazillion new papers or some chipboard or some alpha stamps.

Still, Ill be clean and smelling fresh for the next few weeks. Talking of which has anyone had a sniff of Lacoste "femme" perfume. Oh lawks - its gorgous. That and Dior's Accent. Yummyliscious. Well my Belle and I wear perfume everyday. She goes to school smelling like Debenhams. The wee thing also insists on having just Dove products. deodorant, bubble bath, shampoo and soap. She even has bars of soap in her knicky knacky drawer.

I think the Boots thing maybe inherited, don't you?


Roz Roz said...

fab pics Elin must be over the moon, looks like the weather behaved itself as well.

domestic goddess said...

love the last photo with teh cheeky wink!!!

suebaru said...

Fab photos again hun!

Mel said...

more yummy pic Kirsty! Keep em coming. Mel x PS Do you have any fabulous dark and moody atmospheric shots of the kids locked in yuor attic?!

julie said...

you did it again hun-fab pics.Know just what you mean about boots as well.Its lethal if me and Kate go together as she just fills the basket and I pay.
julie x

Jolene said...

Oh my goodness, what a pair of cuties! Fantastic photos, Kirsty - you is good, girlfriend!! xx

Shell said...

How cute!