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16 Jul 2006

Click click click

Oh my wee cam-ay-rouge! Its been on since Saturday morning and its been taking some fabbo pics. Had a fabulous morning with my publishing editor, Michelle Grant who asked me to do some promo shots of her. She is looking rather minxy with her fab sleek hair and ultra cool boho look. I'll post a picture when she has chosen which ones she likes and which ones she feels may look better in the recycling bin!
On top of that I did a wedding - a full wedding on my own and I also did the make up (I can do that too, you know!) My SIL's best bud got wed and needed a photog fast. In jumps Kirsty with her trusty steed (a Fuji S2 Pro) and here are some pcitures which I will run in a series this week. Jane wanted lots of fun photos, some official and lots of candid and I think I got the balance just right. You wanna see the wee cherubby dinky doo of a flower girl (her daughter Maddison). Oh she captured my heart and I wept when i saw how cute she was behaving. I ran from 5pm til 1030pm taking snaps of anything that moved. Jane and Phil will certainly be getting more than they bargained for becuase everyone was so relaxed about having their shots taken during and after a very emotionally charged blessing.
I went to yet ANOTHER crop today in Urmston. You have to check this venue out if you live near by. Sam does us proud with a lovely use of space and a hall which is clean. 3 shops were there today and although I didnt buy a great deal, its always handy to have stuff on stand by. I managed to do1 coaster as a gift for my wee friend Doolie Julie, one double layout (8.5x11 double - I may add!) and Im half way through another.
Lianne of Little Silver Hat fame made me a fabbo bag charm (ill show you it tomorrow) and she made this funko wee flowers from cutting suede from sizzix! I wubs it and her very lots. But not half as much as her bag lady daughter who is cute for words.
Man - have you seen the time. I neeeeeeeeeeed sleep.
Catch y'all xx


Roz Roz said...

oh kirsty that first shot is just too cute, your a flipping mars bar super star.

Anam said...

lovely photos - just so lovely.

domestic goddess said...

love the first photo, sounds like you are having a whirlwing of a life vaves
hugs xx

julie said...

the pics where fab and can't wait to see the later ones.
julie x

Cath said...

I wish I knew you when we got married - I'd have LOVED photos like this - very talanted missey! x

Kelly said...

what fab piccies i love them

Anonymous said...

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