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26 Jul 2006


Bella Bella Bella! Yummoness is a little city called Florence. Non yummoness is the travel agent telling you that it is 6km from Pisa airport to your hotel. It was infact 80km - I was mortified, especially as the taxi fare was 130 euros. How I will laugh about it in 10 years time but lordy lawks, it did come as a bit of a shock. We touched down last night 15 minutes ahead of skedge with our bags literally the first on the carousel. We took the hideous taxi journey to Florence and booked in and then set out to discover Florence by night. I loved it already. Teeny and quaint backstreets littered with culture. As we were too late to eat in a restaurant guess what our first meal was?. Im hanging my head in shame but on equal footing the food was rather delish. Yep - you didn't guess it... we had a Kebab. Oh for the love of scrapping these memories.
Today was earmarked for discovering daylight in the city and touching and absorbing all that it shone on. Im now taking a siesta in an internet cafe but our first port of call this morning was the Duomo. I was stunned, just stunned. Almost to the point of crying. As I just love old world culture, Ive relented to the fact that one must hug it with open arms and this will become evident when I show you my pics (unfortch, internet cafes here will not me download). Sarah and I have walked for miles in a blistering heat. My fascination for brass door knockers has spurred me on from passing out and old finials and iron fretwork has kept me awake. My camera has been so busy. I love my camera. I really do.
Tomorrow we have booked a Chianti tour which will take us through Tuscany and its Romanesque churches and villages, vineyards (and a wine tasting session - yum!) and olive groves (to sample some of those juicy little babies!). Im sure Im destined to die because that sure sounds like heaven we are going to. Im completely bursting with happiness and tomorrow just cannot come quick enough. The, as if that wasn't enough, on Friday we leave to come back but we will spend all day in Pisa. Im so in love with Italy. I want to come back and I will. I will, you know. I JUST WILL.

Ciao xx


Sarah said...

You forgot to say about the thunder and rain chick! And yes it really did thunder this afternoon!!!! Only a trickle of rain & a great excuse to grab another scrummy cappucino!!!

Lianne said...

Sounds like you're having a fab time, did I mention i'm jealous?! Can't wait to see the piccies, enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Lianne xxx

Chams said...

Have so much fun - fill up on old world culture - enjoy every mo - and know that I am green down here in South Africa (love your blog)
Ciao Bella

suebaru said...

Glad you're having a fab time! xx

bookit said...

ooooo....i can't wit to see all those wonderful photos you must be taking!!!
dn't forget the ice-cream!!!

Roz Roz said...

Oh Kirsty, I love door knockers too, thought only I was a freak like that. its sounds fab, I'm so green with envy, enjoy yourself.

Linz said...

Sounds like your have a great time

I know another door knocker fan - Rach (Taniwha) she took loads of piccies of them when she was in Italy earlier this year.

One day I'll get there :)

Denise said...

Have a fab time would love to visit there one day ,perhaps we should organise a crop there !!!!
Take care ,safe journey

Denise xx

Chrissie said...

Isn't Il Duomo just FANTASTIC!?? It's HOOOOOOOOOOGE isn't it? I couldn't get over how huge it was. Didn't you go and see David and his dangly bits? I'm jealous...I just love Italy. Have fun!

julie said...

Even managing to make us even more jealous by doing your blog while your away.Hope you've had the icecream and my postcards on its way.Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.The green might have faded a bit by then.

domestic goddess said...

sounds like you are have a magnifico time,
cant wiat to see the photos

Missy said...

oooohhh I am so jealous!!!

Sue said...

Ciao Bella,
Sounds really wonderful!!
Looking forward to the photos :)

Anonymous said...

Love Florence. Fab place but for heavens sake girlie get the train back to the airport at Pisa. It is a direct line. It ends at the airport and only takes an hour. It was dead cheap too - about a tenner I think.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.