Ladies Camera Club

29 Jul 2006

Ariva Deci, Italia

Sob. Its gone. The tastes and the smells and the feeling of being in another century. The colours, the people, that fabulous Fongole (pasta with clams) and the ice cream. Bwaaaaaaaah :(

We check into the airport and have a lovely 2 hour delay sitting in sweat so sweaty you think you are going to just die. But Im home now after 6 hours sleep, with 3 deadlines and CJ's up to my eyeballs to plough through. The fact thyat Im surrounded by bottles of Balsamic vinegar, Chianti, Parma ham in preparation of forcing Mark to enjoy an Italian night at home fills me with motivations. I will admit, however, that I'm dreading - YES DREADING the hours it will take to download all of my pictures. I'll upload them later but I just wanted to say Bonjourno. And, with that, actually, I have sworn to learn Italian. I think its dog rotten that us Brits learn a basic second language in school and give up the moment we leave. The Italians spoke a little of french and german and english but do our waiters in London know any european languages?. NO! Im so ashamed so Im booking a course to learn Italian and I cannot wait one moment longer. Nor can I wait to book our next flight to Florence. Ive begged Mark to take a few days off in October and with flights (and trains) being so flipping cheap its stupid not to.

Ill upload some pic-a-roo's tonight...... Ciao xx


suebaru said...

Welcome home! xx

Carole Janson said...

Hi I just happen to come across your blog, your layouts are just gorgeous, your photography is amazing.


bookit said...

welcome back! i know what you mean about the EVERYONE speaks a minimum of 3 languages..fluent!!!
it's embarassing as i spit out my pigeon dutch!
glad you feel so energised by the trip and looking forward to the pics!

julie said...

Welcome home hun.Hope the work is going well and can't wait to catch up.

Natalie said...

Italy is one of Damon and I's most favourite places in the world. He proposed in Rome and we've been back several times since but Florence is one of those places that we both want to go to. I'll have to make a date with him too.

I'm very jealous - I'm sure you've taken some gorgeous pictures and I can't wait to see them - for me and the article LOL!!!!

Natalie X

Jen said...

Molto bene, Kirsty! Parliamo italiano insieme? That's about all I can say LOL I can teach you French though! Sounds like you had such a fab time - I'm definitely dragging Wayne there next year ;)

Mel said...

I love and adore Italy and especially Florence. So glad you enjoyed yourselves :) Mel x


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