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18 Jul 2006

Angel Retreat - are you coming or what?

Come looky here. An extremely luxurious retreat is to be held on behalf of Angel Crafts at Lockerbie Manor on 27/28/29th October. Angela has kindly asked myself, roz, and anna to teach in a rather sumptious affair where guests will be met with bonkers bonus bags, lots of yummo food and luxury surroundings plus an album and goody bag to go home. Please come and play with us - I'll be fronting the pidgy parade in my gold satin numbers complete with heidi swapp flowers xx
I promised to show you this scrummio RAK which I received from Lianne. Everyone wubs Lianne. her shop is to die for and her little bag lady of a daughter is truly adorable. So when she made me this in recognition of a layout that I made for her, I was almost in tears. She had decorated a wee tin and inside was this yummo bag charm. All hand made. Wubs her lots and forever.
As if that was not enough, Doolie boughted me a fabbio wee book from Muji. Man, I love that store. I gots a spiral note book, a fab mini box of staples and some natural type playing cards. In return for that I made her a little coaster at the crop becuase she just "bought" them for no reason other than to make me smile. Isnt that scrum?
I had a lovely call from my friend Sam Currie of Quick and Crafty maggo fame. I met sam at a crop last week and she is bonkers as a brush on crack. I only have to hear that womans voice and I crease up laughing. Im hoping to do some work for them so fingers crossed on that score. You see, my business going means I have more time for artwork so I shouldnt really be sad, huh? I also had a sad call from Jo - Anitas sister. Jo hasnt been well. Some of you will know her from UKS. She has fibroids and as a result they are so enlarged that they have caused her DVT. The poor woman - I just hate to see such lovely and caring people so ill. I want you to get better Jo so we can cwop all day in my poky kitchen and eat crap xx
I would love to upload more images but blogger are so tight that two is just about all they can let me do. The miserable toe rags


bookit said...

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you for more mag assignments!!! and the retreat sounds perefect!!!!!

julie said...

the charm and tin are even nicer IRL.Makes me want to get my beads and stuff out and play.Whos' the little angel.Typical the retreat is just before the one I'm already booked on -don't suppose I could manage 2 one after the other do you !!!!!!!!

Galaxy Girl said...

Hi Kirsty,

Didn't get a chance to post a comment on the thread about DTDF, so just catching up. Hugs to you hun, and fingers crossed for all your incredibleness in the future. Love that pic with the shoes btw.

Off Italy way myself next week, so have a great time, and watch your bottom for pinchers - personally I can't wait for that bit!!


Missy said...

ooooohhhhh man, I so want that maya road/bead charm thingie. So cool.

Missy said...
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Anonymous said...

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