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12 Jun 2006

Thunder storms

I can hardly breath - the storms today have been hideous and that means only one thing - ASTHMA! I only get an asthma attack either in high pollen seasons or if there is a storm. Bonkers or what? And to top it all I have no ventolin and Im gasping over a steamed bowl of water for breath! **BTW.. random picture time. Mark and I at the chinese theatre multiplex, Hollywood**
Still, a little crafting today has staved off my need to be resusitated by some manky old codger at our local Doctors. I swear down you have to be 60 to be a GP these days. Ok - our Doctors surgery is quite nice and I can't remember the last time I went for anything serious (except the head stabbing pains I had 4 weeks ago and that was probably the result of a voodoo by you know who (and no - not Voldemort.. mwahahahahahaha)). Anyway, where was I? Christ knows. Tum ti tum ti tum.
Oh - yes! Baby! Nakey, wrinkly baby all crumpled and delish and covered in the softest downy hair in the world. He was was so tiny that I melted and forgot how to handle babies. I was so nervous in front of his mum Debs who was laughing at me crouchinig and crawling to get some good pics (will upload these tomorrow). I tell you what though - the best bit about this photography lark is the closeness and the connection you get with these precious creatures and how it tugs at your hearts strings. We can't have anymore children for two reasons - one being that either Mark or I carries a genetic nastiness that causes muscular problems (ie .. like little Ellie has) and two being the fact that Mark had to, you know, snip snip....TMI, I know but anyway I feel the need to burst out with "Mwahahahahahahaha".
What happening this week in the Wiseman household?. Im having my roots done and a teeny crop at my house with Sarah Davies of Sarahs Cards Ltd and Joanne Ward, my fellow team mate on Ribbon Mad DT (and sister of the equally fabulous Anita Mundt - Bookit on UKS!) tomorrow and Ive got to have a tooth ripped out on wednesday. Im really looking forward to it and the £50 bill - NOT!. I will try to weigh up the odds. Erm........Sore gob or 71 sheets of patterend paper?
Laterz xx


Ann(i)e said...

I'm Baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!
And must say, your photos are gorgeous darling!!!!
Miss you!!!

bookit said...

hm...tough choice..PP or sore tooth!!!!
enjoy your crop today and say hi to my sis for me!
can't wait to see your yummy photos tomorrow :)

Sarah said...

Owwww! I hope you feel better soon!

I went to hollywood a couple of years ago and it was fab! As a Marilyn Monroe fan I loved it.

V. jealous of your mini crop, I want to come lol.

debbie said...

lovely photos kirsty!! hope you get your tooth sorted :)

Eris said...

Wish I could join the minicrop! Would love to meet my fellow Ribbonmad DT members :D But getting from Devon to the northwest is a bit of a long haul...

Jen said...

sorry about the dentist - hugs! TMI about Mark, but hey, only a few hundred people will know about it now. Can't wait to see gorgeous baby pics!