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23 Jun 2006

They say....

that no news is good news. Well I have something to add to that. Good news, it seems, is bad news. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Today has been bonkersly barmy. Ive been sat at my desk beavering away at anything and everything that needs tieing up. How do you spell tieing / tying .. somebody help me. Ive preened, designed, photographed, guillotined, inked, chalked, bradded, vellumed (yes, you saw vellum!) and glued. And guess what, its half way through the day and Ive more things to make .... YAY. Lubs fridays too cos it marks the start of the weekend so I can't feel anything but happy. Ish, anyway
Well, I gots my first long photoshoot in the morning - an early starter as I like to make the use of morning light. Ill be editing those snaps soon after for them to look at as quickly as possible and talking of editing, above is a picture of some proofing Annie asked me to do - isnt she adorable? I love playing with photo's and bringing out the most colour and angles. By the edn of the afternnon Ill be ready for gymming and swimming and at night we are taking Ellie on a hot date with Glen. Of course Im going to chaperone, she is only 10 for lawks sake. We love to eat at Franky and Benny's and we all love the 40's and 50's jazz. Gotta love Dean Martin. And then Sunday gets better. Im off to the North West crop with Sarah and hopefully Joanne Ward. How we manage to get anything done, I dont know but its worth going there just to nose through everyone stash alone.
Im linking you to the funny faces layouts we have had so far - do see if you can do anything just as good! **here** Prizes include tim holtz inks, embellies, chipboards bits and pieces and a big fat slobbery kiss from me xx


debbie said...

just keep smiling hun! :) I love fridays - gateway to the weekends!! LOL

bookit said... school teachers come in handy sometimes!!! saying that, my spelling sucks without my little spell check machine thingy!

Caroline, Bubbly Funk said...

Hello Kirsty, finally ventured to leave a comment!! Love reading your Blog and I have to say it amazes me how much you manage to fit into each day......hope you have a good weekend! Caroline

Shell said...

I found the perfect photo last night for the challenge! One I'd completely forgotten about!

Chin up chuck!

Jolene said...

Very best of luck for your photoshoot tomorrow, darlink - I can't wait to see the results. You will be brillsville :D Love ya xx

Jen said...

Only you could persuade me to scrap these pictures! Luv u loads :)