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3 Jun 2006

Manic Street Preaching

Anyone who knows me for real will know that the Manic Street Preachers are my all time favvo rock band. Promise you will follow this LINK and press play on the "Motorcycle Emptiness" track and listen. This track is my all time besto and will be played as im buried amongst the wormies. Aside from being punched, kicked and battered at all their concerts I love them and I will forgive James for getting married last year without consulting me. Mwahahahahahaha. I still love him though and will hunt him down.
Ive been enjoying the sunshine today with Belle and mark. My parents dropped in on their way home from North wales. Its a shame we were in a seperate part of wales to them when I was holidaying with my in-laws. I was absolutely delighted to see them. I wubs them lots and forever. We then took Belle to see "The Wild" at the cinema. Im sorry but I thought it was cack. It screamed "Madagascar" waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to me. And not a jot better neither. In facts Im giving up on Walt Disney and his cryogenicness. Im looking forward to watching Over the Hedge at the end of June to make up for this ploppy effort of a film. The only credit I can give to the film was Eddy Izzard being just so voicery and funny. But thats all Im going to spurt effort on.
Picture here is a layout I did for Dare #5 on the pad. The title was "I wish they'd have told me........" and I finished it off with journalling pertinent to our Belle. I loved using my scraps on this one and I completely love the piccy of her in her suede boots again. She is such a dolly is my Belle. Even if she is going through teenagerdom right now. Its really that blue but then again - I did take the picture of the layout in flaming ultra violetness that is the start of the british summer.
That will be a week then. Roll on Christmas.
PS: Thanks to Sarah at Sarahs Cards Ltd for choosing me to be on her design team. I got a call out of the blue yesterday to ask for help with showcasing their products for both cards and scrapping. Ive met Sarah and she is yumtious. I consider myself to be one fortunate cookie. Choc chip cookie of course. Actually I want to be a cookie chip choclate, just to be awkward.
Im off to bed dudes cos as you can tell Im jabbering.


Galaxy Girl said...

Blimey, if I'd know you were up for more design work, I would have begged, pleaded and sent endless boxes of the J Cakes to persuade you on to my team!! Always a place for you babe.


Jolene said...

Gorgeous layout, darl - another corker! xx

Shell said...

Gorgeous layout! I love that photo of Ellie!

Congrats on the DT!

zarischka said...

Congrats on the DT!

Lovely LO - I really love the page pebble over the eyes - it's all VERY pretty!

...and I LOVE that song, too...! :D

SmileyCarrie said...

I love this layout ... i love how everything (including the picture) is that shade of blue!
Fantastic job!!