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11 Jun 2006

Layout Time

Ive done a fair wack of layoutsthis week. One set can be seen here at A Trip Down Memory Lane DT. I have done one for an Effing Dare (not to be confused with Effer Dares!!) which was entitled "I Never.........". I completed it with "........met you. I wanted to but you left so suddenly". Loves Diana. And will always. And then I did a layout entitled "Huddle" using these yummo Gin-X papers for Sarahs Cards Ltd. So much fun all this DT work.

Also - in addition to my new photography venture I also can provide a touch up service. You can see from this first photo how dull it was with crap composition and look at my spot and fine lines! Then I super vivid-ified it, removed fine line and spots and cropped accordingly. Then I did some desatch work - i hate grey scale at times and prefer true black and white. Just getting the balance right can be tricky becuase what looks good to one may not necessarily be right for another - plus all photos have differnet ligghting problems. Each photos gets special atention and not pre-loaded actions. See - your bad photos can look good. Shall I help you save yours before you throw them away into cyberspace?
Have a look below and if you need work doing on yours I can only but try my best xx
A very dull finish. Taken in a moderately lit room, apperture priority being F4. Not planned out and done on purpose for the sake of demo.
In photoshop, many alterations have been done. removed spot, flattened fine lines, enhanced eyes and brightened up to make a masso difference.
And now switched to black and white with some burning thrown in too.
Laterz xx


Shell said...

ooh Fab!!!!

Jolene said...

LOVE the layouts, Kirsty - and fab work on that photo xx

Nikki-ann said...

New visitor here. Your layouts are beautiful :)

Traci said...

Wow, you were able to completely "save" that photo. Makes me think there is hope for some of my favorite photos that have some flaws -- maybe some day I'll sit down and learn how to fix them :)

Missy said...

Oh my, your layouts are awesome and your photo transformation is just amazing. I absolutely LOVE what you did with that picture.

SmileyCarrie said...

your layouts are wonderful! I love them!!
I also love what you did with the photos.. WOW!!!! That picture looks amazing (both the colour and b&W one!)