Ladies Camera Club

30 Jun 2006

I was there....

This is my entry for this week's effings. I love these papers by 7 Gypo's and I espesh like my wee arranged petal heads that I hacked off a Heidi Swapp bloom - all for the sake of faffing about and art. Im so evil. I even stapled them to the page cos its not like hacking isn't enough.

This is my family. From left to right there is my dad, me, my bro, my sis and my morma. Im 8 months preggo in that pic. Good days they were. I sometimes wish we could have all of that back. This is one layout where I justify that scrapping is good therapy. Its good for remembering when. No explanations needed. I love that in a hobby. I just can't think of any other pastime or obsession that makes you just think. Unless of course, your hobby is just thinking. Mwahahahahahahahaha.
Its the weekend dudes. Have a good 'un xx


Sue said...

LOVE your Lo this week K. Your comments are SOO true and I LOVE the time i get to think while i scrap. I think that why i like to scrap alone ..I LOVE crops they are GREAT fun and will never stop going but, i like my work better when i can sit and think :)

Jolene said...

I absolutely LOVE this, Kirsty - I can't remember when I last had a photo taken with my sis and parents - this is a wonderful layout. Love the stapled petals - gorgeous. xx

Hebe said...

Love those petals Kirsty. wish I'd thought of that first

Roz Roz said...

Hi sweety, hope your feeling better, hugs are here for you.

I love the petals on the layouts and the way you mistreated them, am going to report you to the horticultural society though for cruelty to polyester petals, hee hee.

OBTW, your funny faces had me peeing myself laughing, your a nutter.