Ladies Camera Club

24 Jun 2006

fun shoot

I took 156 shots and the best one was the last - and you can't even see their faces. BUT I love it.

Suzanne, Jeff, Jo, Josh, Ben and Ella were little stars and I enjoyed every ounce of cheek, fun and laughter. The boys are all heartbreakingly handsome and dear sweet Ella stole my heart again. I just know these shots will mark a fun 8am start! Click on the picture to see it enlarged or go here to see it in its better glory!


Jolene said...

Ooh, lovely photo, hun :) - sounds like you had a fabbo time xx

suebaru said...

Fab need to get yourself down here soon!! :)

Frederique said...

He Kirsty, I love that shot! It's filled with emotions!

I saw your message on my blog. Thanks so much! You can ask me any questions you wish, but seeing your website I'm not sure who can help who??LOL

domestic goddess said...

ditto, lovely photo hun :)