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27 Jun 2006

Feeling tender? So go and pull faces

I am feeling so low right now. I literally do have the weight of my own sorrow bearing down on my heeeed. I am my own proverbial crown of thorns. That is until I decide to pull faces for my little compo which has one week left to run. These pics will be scrapped tomorrow. Please join in and link me your silly face layouts. Lift your own spirits and scrap for your BOM - You BOM needn't be about the prim and proper photos of yourself. Your BOM should embrace the whacked out images of your better self - the times where nothing else matters but the laughter and the inane need to remind yourself you are a tiny bit bonkers.
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*****Warning: hideous bite alert. Parental consent to view next picture **

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You see the bite - the horrific horsefly bite? The non-manipulated picture of my hideous horsefly bite? Man - it wrecks. My freind Cheryl says it looks like a gun shot wound and Sarah is giving me as much sympathy as I have towards her bulbous blisters (from our constant gym pounding) Her injury is self inflicted. Mine is a random attack from some pissed off horsefly. WHY ME? I hope he enjoyed his dose of A Positive. The varmint! At least I gave blood this week ... did you?


bookit said...

you gotta scrap photo #2 !!!
love that one :)
that fly bite...yikes!!!!

Jolene said...

Oh hun!!!! That bite looks horrible, you poor peach. I hope it's better today. Give me a call if you fancy a chat :D xx

Shell said...

Be careful with the bite, they can be very nasty! If you start to feel poorly or it goes yuck make sure you go to the DR!

suebaru said...

Love your daft pics you loon, specially the second one!Hugs hun xx

Missy said...

YIKES that horsefly bite looks terrible. LOL at the Random attack comment. Can't wait to see what you do with your funny face photo shoot.

domestic goddess said...

what are we going to do with you babes, have tried ringing you, and if i ahve a spare 5 mins i ahve teh perfect photo taken spesh for your challenge!

Scrappy Nina said...

Big hugs and slobbery kisses from a complete stranger!! Hope the world seems brighter soon!!

TopCat76 said...

eugh - nice bite!! You need to get yourself some Eurax cream. I can't talk, got eaten alive by gnats this weekend!! Here's my entry in the stoopid face layout compo


scrappydog said...

Take care with the bite Kirsty, if it gets any worse get back to your GP. DH had one a few years ago and after a week or so it blistered right up his leg and he ended up in hossy for a weeks IV antibiotics!!!

Ruth said...

Love the face photos, very cool. Yucky horsefly bite.

Cath said...

Great photos, they did make me laugh! How come though, you still look really good in silly photos and I just look....well...erm really stoopid lol!

Chams said...

In South Africa we would say : "ag shame" the "ag" pronounced : the a as the u in under and the g as the Scottish ch in Loch Ness. Horsefly are real dodgy biters - I love your open honesty - does my soul the world of good. Greetings from down south.

Lianne said...

Ah Kirky, you are such a sexy beast with yer bites and daft faces! :D Have you found out what horse flies look like yet? Me neither!

Love Lianne x

Anonymous said...

nice pics.
shame about the bite!
what a way to go. poor horsefly, i hope it didn't suffer too much. with your blood in it i bet it went off to jump onto the nearest jaffa cake and then complain about the lack of orange in it then shouting at the world before flpping on its back to do the dying fly(30somethings will know!!!) and then popping its six little cloggs to meet its maker to give him an earfull for whatever is wrond in the world and poisoning to death with A-

Anonymous said...

im i complete stranger lol, dont mean 2 butt in, although i was searching google about horse flies, and as i live and work on a farm in, im always getting bitten by horse flies, and god do they hurt, like you, i get a very bad reaction 2 them, the whole of my arm/leg swells up. The few things i can recomend are, using a tissue, dab a load of malt vinegar all around the area and on the bite asap, it should start weeping, all the gunk coming out that is, but js keep dapping it on (may sting a little). When it stops weeping as much, plaster it with good old germaline*(cnt spell lol) for a few days, pretty much till it goes or gets better, but they do normally leave a scar. lol its probs a bit late 2 be telling you all this by now lol but at least you know for next time. Take care, Sam

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"Doc" said...

Just wandered in looking for Horsefly bites - mine was bigger than yours !!! - Please do watch out for residual symtoms - Dizzy nausea/headache joint pain. Ticks and bites can have nasty and lasting side effects - your chum in S Wales too - my joint ache woke me at 4.00 this morning.

Despite my knickname and email address please note I am not a real doctor - I am a doctor of cricket :) so please check out Lymes disease for yourself.
All the best
Stephen "Doc" Andrews

PS Canon Digital Rules!

Anonymous said...

I got bit by a horse fly twice! On the same leg!!! WHYYY MEEEE!??!?!?! it itches sooooo bad. wen the blisters pop pus comes out.Its disgusting.