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29 Jun 2006

Busy little bees make great honey ....

Thats right bloggers - busy bees ahoy. I am maxed out beyond maxiness. Maxed-ness is something I thrive on, to be honest. As much as I'd like to be a lady of leisure reading Cosmo on a sun lounger by my bean-shaped pool, Im better suited to to be sweating like a rabid dog with froth drooling out of my angry mouth from being overworked and underslept. And ok, I get way laid now and again but with my super-coolio-funka-a-rama freinds about me, I manage and most of all .. SMILE :)
I made front cover of Papercraft Essentials this month and managed, in the nick of time, to submit work for the next issue. I LOVED the assignment that I have just finished and to be seeing it in print, next month, fills me with total humble satisfaction. Talking of Pract Pub, I took a visit there yesterday and today to pick up Natty Noodle, my bonkers editor from darn sarf - innit? We had planned a night of photography and CS2 learning but after hitting TGI's with Belle and then a little bit of bottle at home, we kind of sacked it in favour of Big Brother. I loved her company and Ellie was distraught that she had to go home. But fear not wee Ellie, Sarah was there after school for you and all was not lost. Am having concerns that my child is favouring strange women instead of her Mum. Do kids get bored of their mums at 10? Hope not!
Anyway, digressed again. Pract Pub was fab. I met all the faces you see usually as names in print. I saw how the photography works, where the artwork is stored and how messy Michelle Grants desk is. Im sure its creative clutter and she is a busy lady and all. I guess some girls just need things and Michelle NEEDS things. I managed to nab a silver pen for me trouble with some colour-me-silly thingies and off I went, happy as larry, home. To crop.
I had an all year crop again in my house today. Joanne Ward and Sarah Davies came to brighten up my dullest of dark days in my home (a place I need to truly get away from - its a pig sty). I had to finish an article - they got to scwap. Boo hoo. By the time Jo left (at 4) I had finished all my work and then had to get set with supplying Ellies brownie pack some "things on sticks". Such fun decorating marshmallows with icing and choco splats and then stabbing with cocktail sticks. What truly made me laugh, though, was Ellie telling me after brownies that they were a "hit". Of course they were Ellie - it was a sugar rush that the mothers will love me forever and a day with. I bet half of them will be bouncing off the walls now and its gone midnight! **snigger** Sugar rushed brownies... Mwahahahahahaha.


domestic goddess said...

hi hun
you are a busy bee, guess thats why i cannt get you on the phone :( when you get a minute in your hectic life hun do give me a buzz
big hugs to you and ellie

Jolene said...

Sounds like a busy, but lovely few days, darl. LOL at the sugar rushed Brownies!! xx

Anam said...

fab news - glad you had a good time :) suger rush sounds yummy.