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9 Jun 2006


Ive had a ton of email asking me things about photography this last week. I'll answer what I can but please please let me tell you I am not a professional photographer (as in holding the certification BIPP. Im on my way to getting one though.) I am, however, someone who likes to take pictures with a few skills on my back and I can share what I can!
My camera is a Fuji S2 pro. This is just a body that takes nikon lenses. I have a nikon lens but I dont really like it. What I do like is my Sigma 28-70mm aspherical ex. This is perfect for wide angle work and portraits (50mm is a recomended portrait lens) . Its fairly chunky with a nice feel if not heavy. What I love more about this camera is the professional "Clunk" noise it makes when I have taken a picture.

**You asked if I use actions when touching up photos. The answer is a big fat NO. Please do not be fooled into buying actions because what looks good on one photo on the sellers website wont necessarily look that good with yours. The reason being that whichever photo you want to adjust may have not been taken in the same light as the sellers ideas - and the action will make your photo look pretty much like a splat in a paint factory. That is only MY opinion and Im trying to save you being ripped off. Use your own actions when you are sure you have taken snaps in your usual lighting which you can then apply to your own work. Bought actions look good but sadly dont work as brilliantly as promised. Teach yourself to edit - its the best way.

**What do I use to edit photo's? I use CS2 photoshop for editing pictures. There are a gazillion editing possibilities but what makes perfect sense in the first place is ensuring your picture is of decent quality. Sure, some blurred pictures can be edited but what makes for great editing is a moderate quality photo.
**Will I travel to take photo's? Yes of course. The uk is pretty small and I love driving. Id negotiate travel costs but Im no diva darling... i wouldnt charge the earth.
**Which camera would you recommend to buy on a low budget? Gosh - thats tough. Do you want to take it clubbing, do you want to take photos seriously...what do you want? Thats the question dudes. Moderate priced cameras that have a wide range of options on a small budget is the fuji 5500. I had one last year and I loved it. I then upgraded to a fuji s700 and again - it was invaluable. Both these camera work in RAW format and have aperture and shutter speed settings to give you flexibility. But my dream camera on a moderate budget is a Canon EOS350. However my dream camera on an endless budget would be a Nikon D200 ... without question.
**What equipment would you recommend for starting to take photohy seriously? Well, a decent camera is essential. DSLR's are obviously going to give you more scope as opposed to an automatic point and shoot. A reflector is good (ive just got my first one today!), lens cleaning kit is essential plus hundreds of rechargey batteries. What will help, espesh for raw format photo's is a large compact flash card. 2 GB is enough and is worth investing in either a 1 or 2 meg card for serious photographers. Photoshop elements is a great starter editing tool and is only £50 to buy as opposed to £480 for CS2. Only if you are deadly serious about photography will you benefit from CS2 plus with the added bridge component you can batch process all your raw files - which if you did not know - would take hours doing individually.
PS: Edited to add - sometimes it doesnt matter what type of camera you have. I have seen fabulous shots taken with point and shoots. All you have to do get a good shot in lighting and focus. And then of course - EDITING!!! The fun bit xx
So now you know all the wee tid bits of my photobits. ssssssssssssssssssh! Don't tell.

I took photo's of Lauren last night - available to see on my fabbo new web site (I cant upload anymore pictures tonight...poo!) She came round to use some of my craft supplies to make a cake for art. the cake had to be a construction of sorts rather than a baked number. Im damned that I never took a picture of it neither but we had a blast. She is only 12 and is like an old woman! And get this - she is so into football. With the world cup starting and in full swing as I type this girl fancies Czech Republic to win. And you know what - its not a bad idea. I seriously dont hold out much hope for England. I love them but come on - we are pretty crap compared to some. As much as Id love us to win I should face facts.


Jolene said...

Kirstles, don't go giving away all of your secwets, darlink!!! xx

Ams said...

I looove the website!!
One day when i'm rich maybe you can do the pictures at mine and oscars wedding. heh

scrapbookmom said...

I'd love a fancy schmancy camera but I really can't right now. I do the best I can with my little canon power shot. It's not much but it works for what I need it for.

Your pics are too awesome for words. I love them!

domestic goddess said...

fab photos babe

Jen said...

Oh Kirsty - I hadn't seen that beautiful B&W one of a little boy screwing up one eye: absolutely fabulous dahling!

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog and cool website how much did you pay for the website? and are you sure 50mm is a portrait lense? love the look and want to know more