Ladies Camera Club

23 May 2006

You have to buy this DVD

What makes this film so fantastic is the fact that its a true story. The fact that Reece Witherspoon plays a bloody good part and that Joaquin Pheonix actually sings so damn well! I watched this on the way to California and I was completely blown away by the scenes, the dialogue and the turbulent life Johnny Cash endured to finally bag the woman he adored. No wonder Reece Witherspoon won the oscar for best actress. You have to buy it - it's one of the film you can watch again and again (if you are a sentimental old dawg like me!)

By the way - Im teaching at Scrap Camp this year along with the one and only



debbie said...

just waiting for amazon to deliver it :) couldnt get to the pictures so ive been waiting for it to be released on dvd! :)

Ann(i)e said...

I already HAVE IT!!!!
Love it!!!

Scrappy Nina said...

Oh I'm the most excited of all highly excited peeps!! My two fave scrapbookers under one roof!! I think I'm going to POP!!!

Cath said...

Oooooo must add this to my DVD rental list - didn't realise it was out already, and possibly not one I would have gone for - so ta for that :D

Shell said...

Need a classroom assitant??

Missy said...

I totally agree about walk the line. Fantastic film!!!

I am insanely jealous that you are teaching with the one and only Elsie....that is just too cool.

Roz Roz said...

You big softy.

trixiebell141 said...

i really want to see this film, Kirsty i am soo excited that you are going to be at scrap camp along side Elsie what a weekend, see you there!

Jolene said...

I cannot WAIT to see this film - missed it at the pictures, so am desperate to see it. Joaquin floats my boat :D xx


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