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1 May 2006

Up to date entries - deadline over - we await the winner announcement

Here is the up-to-date list of all entries. As we had "last minuters" please allow us one week to make a final decision. This is almost an impossible task because I know some of you are supporting your freinds, some of you like a certain style, some like a journal based entry and some prefer just the picture or maybe the sentiment. I have had more e-mails this weekend stating why certian entries should be winners. I guess there are going to be some people not happy with the final decision. Its a really tricky po-sish to be in and I admit - I don't like it one jot!
The winner will be chosen on whose layout "speaks to us". And if yours didn't speak to us - it certainly made an impact because we have seen them all and I have tried to make comments where possible. If you do not see your name or link below - let me know by THURSDAY 4th May.
Its very tough to have whittled the entries down to 43. I can't even begin to let you know who they are - that would feel like that the other hundreds of entries were not good enough and boy - they all were and still are. I encourage you to take some time to look at many as you can. I have not made comments on all UKS but I have seen them all up until 23:46hrs tonight

All Uk Scrappers: Anna, Rena, Debbie, CathK, Annie, Wombat, Jules, Maria, Joanne, Sandie, Thersa, Michelle, ChrisG, Maureen, Suzie, Ali, Theresa, Sue, Ally16, Louse, Suzie, Gill, Flossie, Jen, Nicki, Clare, Lianne, Jeni, Paula, Lous, Paula, jem, Sarah, Cheryl, Debly, Hippo, Jo, Caz, Baylie, Ali, Suzanne, Tracies, Lousette, Sarah, little possum, Tracey, Keilie, Karen, Yizzy, Proudwickedfan, Nicki, Trish, Cath, Patricia, Elsesse, deedee, sarah, nikki, Hebe, sally, KateG, Jules, Taisce, Jay, Karlotta, Amelie, Edwina, Eva, Jaquelin, karen, Ruthy, Clare, michelle, peggie, scrapfairy, Sally, Kaylie, amber jane, Katie, soapy, dougie, cathyc, maddy, craftyprincess, Dougie, topcat, indigoniki, mimsie, fizzydrink, Ifa, elliebaby, proudwickedfan, lynz, lemon, katie, caster, tquarter, guinivere, monroe girl, ziggysmomma, jmx, amandah, yizzard, sandiev, noodle, jules m-f, culpepper, Laura Godfrey, Charly, Lainey, Betty, natbag, Emma Jane, Emnol, Kiwiscrapper, 2angels, tinasue, peechy, kelly, ajh, tullavilla, stikkachick, cait cait, caoline, laura, yorkiegirl, piglet, mystic clare, wakzak, pigglet, lalamuppet, erins in devon, panicmum, mumof4boys, donswish, kel, kellyg, chick, emanem, jo e, just me, lyzzydee, shellbean, maffiebabe, karina, barbaraj, Tanhiwa, soojay, coreysmum, weezie, jmw, scrapal, scrappynina, andypandy, doogle007, JakkiG, Sharon, Laura, Ally

All US Bloggers: **Kate** **Missy** **Christi** **Cathy Zielske** **ReneePearson** **Marci - HOF 2006 HM!!!!** **Kari** **Rhonna Farrer** **Maggie** **Krista Effer Girl!!** **Rani** **kirsty - cool name huh?!!** **sarah** **ashlee** **Julie-Ann** **kim** **Sue** **kris** **Tara Whitney** **Marsha** **Donna Downey** **Ali Edwards** **Jennie** **susan** **Katie** **Lisa** **Kelly**
All Oz Bloggers: **Donna** **Lee** **Peta** **Ishirlz** **Chanel** **Meg** **Vivian** **Bec** **Franos** **e**
All UK Bloggers:**Annie** **Kimmy** **Jakii** **Nicola** **Sally** **Jennie** **Tracey** **Anam** **Karen - my adopted scrap morma!!** **Audrey** **emma** **debra** **fiona** **Caroline**
All Netherlands Bloggers: **Anita** **corinne**
All Finland Bloggers: **Susanna**
All Swedish Bloggers: **Zarah** **Karin**
All New Zealand Bloggers: **Sharon** **Cheryl** **Trina** **Lianne**
All German Bloggers: **Andrea** **Rikki** **Monika** **Selana** **Anja** **Luna**
All Singapore Bloggers: **Jasmine**
All French Bloggers: **Carinne**
All Norwegian Bloggers: **Gudrun** **Anne** **Lene** **Tove**
All South African Bloggers: **Sophia**
All Mexican Bloggers: **Chelsea**
All Canadian Bloggers: **Leigh**


T:o)ve said...
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T:o)ve said...

This is truly a thriller!
I'm so happy not to be in your shoes right now Kirsty.... ;o)

I just have to say good luck to everyone of you!
Kirsty with the pick, the rest of you on getting picked ;o)

You all rock!

Caroline said...

Aw Kirsty, you created a monster didn't you!! Relax and try to enjoy the judging!

Little Monkey said...

oooh don't envy you at all Kirsty. But, this is a challenge that the old quote - it's the taking part that counts, not winning - I think definately applies.

Jennifer said...

Oh Kirsty, it has to be really difficult and of the ones I've seen so far, all are fabulous! Good luck with the judging and congrats to everyone who entered!!

scrapbookmom said...

I think that everyone will just be so happy for the winner and glad to have been a part of it all. I know that I am and that I've just loved looking at all of the entries and getting ideas. It was really fun and thanks so much!!

Lene S said...

THANK U KRISTY! This has been sooo fun! All those great pages...I am so impressed! WOW! I´m glad I´m not in your shoes now Kristy...this must be the most difficult thing.. But, relax! I am sure everybody will cheer with the winner, it has been a blast just to join!

Good luck, Kristy and good luck everybody!

domestic goddess said...

fab challenge hun, and a toughy for you
everyones entries are fab, it was an honour to be part
big hugs

Andrea said...

Hello, hard job you've got at the moment. Don't reckon I'd want to do it. You've missed me of the list by the way. Andy Pandy at UKS

Jen said...

So exciting!! And don't worry Kirky, whoever your mum picks is the rightful winner! Don't listen to any whingers :D Good luck xxx

Susie said...

Hi Kirsty, I don't see my name on the list of entries - I am UK Scrappers susie6802?

Anonymous said...

Kirsty why don't you choose more then 1 winner it sounds like you've got loads of prizes.

em said...

HELLO!!! how could you forget MOI? *sob*

Shell said...

I thought you'd missed me off for a minute! Then I realised I was under UKScrappers instead of blogs LOL!!

Hurry up and decide woman!

Peta said...

Oh I so wouldn't want to jude this at all!!!

I don't know if it's important or not but I thought I would just point it out in case - I'm actually "little possum" that is listed in the uk scrappers bit - So I'm listed twice LOL - in the uk bit and oz bit. Definately right on the oz section.

lyzzydee said...

Kirsty I'm not on your lists anywhere.....

I put mione up in the scrappad, have I done wrong ??

lyzzydee said...

Oh my god have I just got the wrong end of the stick ??? Are the people listed the finalists?

If they are ignore my previous post sorry. I'm not worthy]

Anonymous said...

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