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2 May 2006

Take That!

Oh man alive. Im 35 years old and went to my first ever teeny bopper concert on Friday. It was the best show I have ever been to in my life. I usually see the Manic Street Preachers on tour- these guys are the opposite extreme to Take That and are totally heavy. I love the Manics. I really do. I think I enjoy getting battered and losing my shoes in the throng of nutters aiming me for the stage and exit. But comfortably seated in the NEC waiting for the Boys was magic. Jo and I danced the whole night through and the show was spectacular. The Beatles medley was spot on and although Lulu was not there to sing "You gotta be strong enough to walk on through the night" - Beverly Knight did an ok job (I would have been better though!). I had a blast at Jo's doing nothing. Its what I really like and enjoy although I do worry about Jo's arteries after her kebab and 1 tonne of mayo the night before.
Welsh Wales this weekend was a brilliant and a relaxing treat. But the more I relax the more I worry about the things I could be doing. I went and took some great shots but I have dust on my sensor and Im really pee'd off about that - any tips would be brillo but cheap tips if possible. I spent time with my M and FIL and we walked and discovered and rested. Picture is a close up of a beach groin. I love the colours in it, love Ellie sat on it too. And a night (non flash) shot of her reading in the caravan. I love her soooo much. Belle was happy to be just chilling out and having me without the distractions of the pooter or scrap supplies. I loved it but also I was pre-occupied with worrying about the close of the challenge and not being at home to do it right at the end. As far as I know, I have seen all the UK scrappers entries so all I have to do is get my mother to painstakingly sift through the finalists and pick a winner.
Mark is home on saturday - thank the lord. Little does he know that he has to help me pack a stupid amount of kits for Bonanza that I have no time to do. That will make for a great divorce if anything. Honestly girls, 2 weeks to prepare for 8 classes with 320 kits is no joke. My house is so tightly packed with the stuff they have sent me that if anyone wishes to come and view our house (still for sale) - they will definately not want to buy it in the state that its in. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and die. Still, I have some scrapping to look forward to when Belle is in bed. The smell of glue will while away all my sorrows until tomorrow, at least!
ETA - Lost is on tonight. Thats put paid to scrapping. Oh how i long to be high on adhesive fumes (its why I never use tape runners). I might just waft a bottle of diamond glaze under my nose whilt drooling over Sawyer. That or a Krylon pen and really do damge to my kidneys (have you read the warnings on a Krylon pen? - sheeeesh) xx
ETA (again) - Lost was BRILLO. Im on a man hunt for that Sawyer dude. He is mine. All mine. And Mark? You can stay putt in LA if I find him before Friday! Mwahahahahahaha


Taniwha said...

I'm off to read the warning on my Krylon pens now! I'm so with you on the smell though, it's strong, strong but goooooood lol!

T:o)ve said...

Do I really have to challenge you on Sawyer??? LOL! Love the LOST here too ;o)

Glad to hear that you got to rock it out on the consert! Nothing like it, darned tired in the ears afterwards but O'so fun!

Have a fab day :o)

Galaxy Girl said...


Best picture of a groin I have seen in many a long while.

Love piccies of your Belle too.


Nicola said...

there's a long list of girls i know who are after Sawyer isnt he just WOW, Jack's not bad either.
Best of luck with Bonaza and judging those entries what a hard decision.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

oops escuse me second time around such a cute piccie of ellie reading and so jealous of you seeing tt -i got 3 long weeks to go lol lol

Jen said...

Aw gorgeous piccies of La Belle! Glad she had you to herself without the PC and scrapping for once mwahahah HUGS for the kit work - what DID you let yourself in for, doing all that? Don't watch Lost myself, but if I weren't already hitched I'd take Mark off your hands any day so you can have the Lost bloke ;) Your DH is such a MANLY man :D

Chrissie said...

Ahem...North Wales or South Wales?

320 alive! Hire somebody to do it. It would be worth it!!!!

bookit said...

sorry...sawyer is already taken by me.
he promissed himself to me..
in my dreams :)

Shell said...

As if you didn't have enough to do - I've tagged you, because I done it then remembered how much you had to do.
I know you'll forgive me though!

Sue said...

What a STUNNING photo of Bell reading Kirsty! Wow.
Kirsty , pet, That is NOT a groin LOL LOL