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16 May 2006

New Assignment

I have decided that although I have indoor studio lighting, I much prefer outdoor pics. I mean - I have a long way to go before I master indoor stuff but you can't beat true colour photography on the outside world. Glen and Lauren sat so perfectly tonight. Glen is in the same year as Ellie and she absolutely loves him. Glen dotes on my Ellie at school and is always looking after her, opening doors and asking if she is ok. They are such lovely friends. Its why I chose them to be my trial sitters and to help build my portfolio. Their mum, Marj, is always so nice to me at school so I felt really comfy getting low and bossing the kids about in some awkward positions. Im pleased with the results and I just know Marj is going to freak out when she sees them.

Ive had a very tiring day but non productive by way of effort. Im bogged down with a fuzzy feeling in my head and Im going to the doctors in the morning. Since fainting on Friday I keep having sharp pains in my head and funny lil dizzy spells. Perhaps I need to offload some pressure or just have a jolly good nights sleep. But i can't have any time to be ill as Im off to Holland this weekend to relax and take pics and hopefully get a tattoo done on my toe (the one next to the big toe!) Ive always wanted a little flower on there and as Im practically always in flippy floppies it would be so nice to have it on display this summer. Im also press passing it for a massive surfing event in north wales - called Wakestock. Im planning on taking hunnerds of pictures and earn myself a few bob into the bargain. So a little scrummy flower on my toe will be just the accessory this season my darlings.
Isnt Glen a little dude? His jumper was so perfect for my matching my Cordiline in my back garden! ............ >
Im taking bookings for sittings - both outdoor and indoor. Please call me on 07788 994046 for further details. Exciting times xx


Sally said...

Lovely photos Kirsty. Great colours.

Sorry to hear about you not being well. Take care of yourself. You'll burn yourself out at the rate you are going! Take time to smell the roses.

Galaxy Girl said...

Kirsty, great piccies absolutely love - I will have to book my Minkey in for some with you.

Hugs for not feeling well, have a good time as "Surf's up dudette".


Shell said...

I hope all goes well at the Doctors hun.

Can I be cheeky? Can you email me details of Wakestock please - might be useful for Royston's company ya see.

domestic goddess said...

fab photos hunny, now go rest and get yourself to the docs

Jolene said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, hun - Marj will love them, I'm sure. xx

jackie said...

They do sound like excisting times.
But just remember you need to look after yourself. Exciting things are best enjoyed when you are well. Invest a little time on Kirsty.
Fab photo's. Sounds a lovely boy. His mum should be proud of him and i bet she will love those photo.

CJ said...

Its all trial & error but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.


Jen said...

Oh gee! I want a tattoo on my foot or toe - the first choice being the toe :( Now peeps are gonna think I'm a copycat!! Have fun - and look after your health, is it PRECIOUS, ok??

mandy said...

you look after yourself hun..and try to find a little me time amongst all your exciting adventures..

Ams said...

that photo is gorgeous! so vibrant!!

Ams said...

and get well soon too!!

ania said...

Wow, awesome pictures - damn you're good! :)