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18 May 2006

My pics got a thumbs up

When I have two great kids like this to take pictures of - my life is going to be so much easier!

Don't you just love em? Still lots to learn but enjoying the process.

Im off to Holland this weekend - catch y'all laterz


Jolene said...

Gorgeous - absolutely superb photos. Love 'em - have a fabbo weekend in Amsterdam, angel xx

Cath said...

I "SO" want to be able to take photos as good as you - ok ignore my "blonde moment" with Anna's - I'm not usually THAT bad lol!

You make all your photos look so natural, gorgeous.

Wwwwa...... I can't believe your going to Holland this weekend too - you lucky thing :D - I *may* do that next year instead of B, but don't know yet :)

Paula Sealey said...

Lovely pics Kirsty, enjoy Holland!

Ann(i)e said...

great photos sweetie!!! have a great time in holland...but take it slow and easy and be good to yourself!!!

Christi Snow said... you have news??? Two kids????

Roz Roz said...

Enjoy Holland, I love the photos, they are brilliant, can't imagine you have any room left inside your head for more knowledge.

Ams said...

what kind of light meter are you using... out of curiosity :)
Ams xxx

zarischka said...

Excellent photos!

Anyhow - I know I'm extremely late, but I just bought the Simply Cards & Papercrafts, issue 16, and they mentioned your blog as one of their three fevaourites - so I just wanted to say a belated congratulations! :D

lyzzydee said...

beautiful piccies I am envious

lyzzydee said...
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