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5 May 2006

Meet the Scrap Yourself Challenge Winner - Hannah

Boy you lot - you do make things very difficult by just all being brilliant. As you know I have pained myself going through all of your entries and I have finally gone with the layout that touched so many of your hearts as well as my own. Hannah (Noodle on UKS) submitted a heartfelt and compelling entry that not only included some scrummy doodles but some very private and emotional journalling. I wish I could have picked at least 20 of those drawn in the shortlist to be winners and I hope you will raise your glasses to Hannah for such a lovely piece which she felt was therapeutic to do.

I had planned a long time ago to contact the winner on the day by email and to supply their phone number. On this occasion I had sneakily contacted Hannah about a thread she had made on UKS about passports. I made up some little tale that I neede advice and could I ring her up about it. She supplied me her number and then I emailed her back saying that I had managed to sort out to problem (as if to throw her off the scent). I rang her a little while later and asked to speak to Hannah. This softly spoken woman said "yes, thats me". I said "Hi, its kirsty here. I feel awful that I tricked you into getting your number but I am ringing to say congratulations - you are the winner of the scrap yourself challenge". Tears and laughter ensued! She had no idea that I was ringing about letting her know she had won. I wanted to contact the winner first off so that it didn't come too much of a shock plus with time zones in varying countries affecting the outcome too. Hannah was very quiet and calm at first and then cried and I admit - tears were rolling down my cheeks. She is so lovely and unassuming and lovely again. I ran through the list of her prize which amounts to over £600 worth off goodies including two bottles of prima, every sheet of chatterboox rooms, subscription to The scrapbook Maggo, 3 albums, rub ons, acrylic stamp blocks, easy mount, tonnes of stamp plates, inks, more papers, tins to alter, every embelly you could wish for, more papers, a big shot die cutting sytem, glitters, glues, adhesives, books, more papers - literally tonnes of yummo stash.
I have to say again girls - this was such a wonderful challenge but also very difficult in picking the outright winner.There was no formula in my mind as to which style of layout would win. There were a couple of layouts that I loved with just one picture and a tiny little detail and others that were so glorious, I thought they would kill me as I drew my breath. But to fully appreciate why I chose this one, you muct click on the picture to enlarge it and read the journalling. Its magic and has made so many of the UKS girls cry! You all did so brilliantly and yes - some more than others but each and every layout has been viewed and admired.
I will be picking some layouts to go in The Scrapbook Magazine to cover all genre of BOM scrapping. Please would you email me if you would prefer not to go in the mag.
Many many thanks for taking part. I will be running a monthly challenge on UKS to help you build a BOM and remind you of how important you are to your future generations.

Other News
My belle is "poorly" today. She has some sort of glandular fever but she wasn't aware of it because her muscles ache all the time - so having swollen glands was like an everyday pain. It wasnt until I discovered a horrific rash on her arms, legs and little peachy botty that I realised something was wrong. She is not ill and has no temperature but is on a course of penicillin to kill the monstrous, uninvited germs. Isn't it weird? She has had me running around like billy-o but I have loved it. She is my precious wee starlett and like my freind Dyan says, she is on this earth for a purpose and Im so glad she is here. And she has scoffed 14 chicken dippers so although she is ill, she is growing!
ETA - more chicken dippers are in the oven as I type. I will wake up tomorrow and she will be laying eggs at this rate!


Jo(lene) said...

Kirsty, I didn't envy you the job of picking a winner from all of those fabulous entries, but I wholeheartedly agree with your choice - I thought Hannah's layout was very brave, and she is an extremely worth winner - well done darling, you totally deserve it!

On another note, big lubs and hugs to Lady E - squishes from all the Seymours xxx

Scrappy Nina said...

Brilliant choice for a brilliant challenge!! It's been fab - Congratulations all round!!


T:o)ve said...

Congrats' Hannah, the page you made is just stunning! Breathtaking :o)
Enjoy the goodie-bag you lucky girl!!!!!!

And Kirsty!
Good choise!
The layout really stands out :o)

And the best of wishing well hugs for your sweet little girl, hpoe that she'll be better soon!

Have a great weekend every one!

weezie said...

The perfect choice. Well done Hannah and everyone else for scrapping yourself.
Thank you for a fab challenge Kirsty.

Anonymous said...

Fab choice for the winner Kirsty, loved this LO when I saw it on UKS.
Hope Ellie feels better soon.

Sue x

Claire said...

I don't envy you in the slightest having to pick just one winner. I am very proud to say that Hannah is in my team on UKS, Scrapping Queens and I am so very happy for her that she has one. Her lo was extremely private and personal and to upload such a lo was extremely brave of her. She deserves to win. She is a fabbo girlie too!

Sarah said...

The LO is absolutely stunning & a well deserved winner. So, when are you bringing all the wonderful stash around so that I can stroke it all lovingly before sending it to Hannah? The Jaffa cakes are locked away in the cupboard (one week in to Weight Watchers - again - so being very good)

Lots of love & hugs to Ellie xx

Stikks said...

A brilliant choice Kirsty and an unenviable task in choosing the winner.

Hope Hannah really enjoys all her gorge prizes!! She so deserves them.

The standard of work and the outpouring of heartfelt sentiment was incredible - congratulations must also go to YOU for inspiring it all. xx

p.s. Get well soon little un x

Roz Roz said...

Kirsty, good choice, Hannahs was by far one of the most touching layouts I have ever seen, her doodles where specatular as well. I can't wait for the monthly challenges.

Hope Ellie feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

WOOWOO - well done to Hannah (shaking pom poms madly) and to you too huni for running such a fabby contest!!!

greyparrot said...

HUGEST congrats! I can't read the journaling so off to see if it is on uks (roll on picking up new specs lol)
You enjoy all that stash girly!

Sue K. said...

Beautiful choice, what a gorgeous LO! Congrats Hannah! What a tough choice Kirsty, bravo!

Lene S said...

Congrat´s Hannah!! You have created the most wonderful page, both artistic and emotional. I am so happy for u, have fun with the BIG prize!

Thanks again Kristy! For hosting such a fun challenge! And I hope your little belle is feeling better soon!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Lene :o)

scrapgeek said...

Congratulations to Hannah on an awesome and moving layout. Well deserved winner!

shirley f said...

I am so happy, so happy, so happy. You have made an EXCELLENT choice Kirsty. Hannah is soo lovely IRL and she is always thinking of others, I have only known her for a short while, she is a team mate and we scrap together at crops, but she is always caring and thoughtful! This was a great LO that when she first showed me I just went WOW! It brought tears to my eyes and felt so personal that I couldn't read it in front of her! I am so pleased!!
Hope your little girl feel better soon, she is very cute!

Jen said...

Oh wow! What a fabulous and deserving LO! It's absolutely gorgeous and Hannah ia one talented laydee. Enjoy the prize Hannah! So Kirsty, you pleased THAT's over??? LOL Well done :) Hope La Belle is better soon. Hugs and kisses xxx

Amelie said...

well done on picking a well deserved winner!

Sometimes glandular fever can react with penicillin when my now boyfriend had it he was totally covered! i hope she gets well soon little mite!

Missy said...

What a wonderful and touching layout you picked. This layout is simply amazing. Congrat to the winner Hannah and a big thanks to you Kirsty for running such an awesome contest. It is great to see so many friends across the pond (in the UK) sharing themselves with the world. You have certainly succeeded in your goal for the contest.

Hannah said...

Big get well squidges to Ellie, really hope she is better soon. Keep off the beer & cooking them chicken dippers!!!

Donna said...

Yay for Hannah! Woo hoo and well done, chicky! Congrats to you too are one kick ass chick for organising all of this and choosing such a worthy winner! Love ya babe! :)

Mel said...

Well done Kirsty for inspiring so many girls to scrap themselves - bet when you did that first LO for Anna to scraplift you didn't realise QUITE how big it would get! Choosing must have been a hell of a job! Enormous well done to Hannah, she is a gorgeously yummy and friendly girl as well as an awesome scrapper so GREAT choice.

Hope little Ellie Belle feels better soon - I heard that chicken dippers were being scientifically researched as a universal cure so heres hoping :)

Mel x

Nicola said...

Congratulation Hannah it's such a beautiful layout your doodaling is WOW.. . And round of applause for Kirsty for organinsing such a great and fun challenge.

lorraineA said...

Well done Hannah:)Suffolk is very proud of you, you will have to be my celebrity when the shop opens in a couple of weeks:lol:

On a more serious note I must say your journaling touched my heart.

Lorraine x

Heather said...

Well done Hannah, its just a stunning piece of work.

Kisty, I take my hat off to you. You achieved great things with this challange, you will never proably know just have much that means to so many.

Thank you BOTH

Cath said...

Congratulations to Hannah, brilliant LO and what a prize!
Hope the girlie is feeling better today!

amberjane said...

Brilliant choice Kirsty hun - it was a stunning layout. I hope that the little Ellie bean is better soon - give her a HUGE squishy (((((hugglie )))) from me and the girls.

domestic goddess said...

well done Hannah,a fab LO, and well doen kirsty what a tough decision and the right one in my book!!!
Big hugs to Ellie

Sally said...

Congratulations Hannah. A brill layout.
Hope Ellie is feeling better today.

Miss Sarah said...

Wow, I can't believe you managed to pick a winner, I would never have managed it LOL. But what a fabulous choice you made. The artwork is gorgeous and the words are moving, too. I bet Hannah is still celebrating - all that stash, WOW! Lucky Girl! Well done to her, though!!

I hope Ellie is feeling better soon.

scrapdolly said...

Kirsty I am so pleased she won cos she is a wonderfully special lady and her page was just fantastic and so heartfelt and moving

I want to say congratulatiosn to you too. I can't think of anyone else who could have galvanised people across the globe in such a way. The number of entries, the goodies for the prize and that fact that hundreds of us now have special LO's in our BOM is all a tribute to you babe.

huge congratulations to Hannah

and huge congratulations to you too hun
Love Momma xxx

Galaxy Girl said...

Wow, fabbo brilliant winner, just love, love, love those doodles.

Hugs to Belle, poor kid.


zarischka said...

Excellent choice! I'm so happy for you, for picking such a great winner, and for Hannah, who deserves it! :)

Have a great NSD!

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Trina said...

Congratulations Hannah. Its such a heartfelt and moving LO.

And congrats to you too Kirsty. An amazing journey carried out by so many woman. All inspired by you. Awesome!

em said...

yaaay for hannah! great LO and enjoy your prizes girl!!

lee woodside said...

Congrats to the winner!!! Such beautiful journaling.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

ania said...

How fun - don't envy your job as a judge, but you did well ;) , and thank you so much for hosting the fun challenge! :) And congratulations Hannah! :) :)