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3 May 2006

I love deliveries (the low calorie pizza kind!)

I have a stack of low calorie pizza boxes in my hallway (on top of 4 monsterous ones from the bonanaza organiser which is just dying to be packed into 320 kits when I get 3 seconds spare!) All of them are from sponsors of the challenge. Firstly "A Trip Down Memory Lane" sent so much stuff - I swear its worthy as one prize alone......lets just say tim holtz and MoBe (I am sticking with "winner takes all" for the best scrapping prize this side of Utah, though). I will list everything on Friday before I announce the winner on Friday night - perhaps about 9pm GMT. Exciting times. I also have had a prize from Scrapagogo which I want for meeeeeeeeee - Its a fabbo kit and its so totally slurpable. Also, please will the owner of the K&Co Lifes Journey 8x8 album (with one of those fancy schmancy clasps) own up - you sent the parcel but I dont know who you are.
I also got a cheque from my freind Kelly as a deposit for the *e* workshops in September plus she donated me with a rather scrummy pod of 6 mini jaffa's. I love it when my friends know what I like - espesh when I can eat my presents! Then I got a parcel addressed to Kirsty Poo Pants. Nice. But I often sign typepad blogs from Kirsty Stinky Pants so I gotta accept it and it is childishly funny. Inside was a prize donation from Scrapbook Central (dot cooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dot ukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) Turn the volume up on that link - there is a coolio jingle which will have you humming all day. Catherine sent me a fabbo book that made both Ellie and I pee our pants laughing. Its about a little boy who farts all over the place and its hilarious. Ellie and I were bent over in agony giggling at it and we read it through twice to take all the stinkiness in. Catherine sent a disgusting little poem in the front - which I loved!

Other than that, I have had a poo poo day. Ive so much to do. Im not complaining - its just that Im crap at orgainsing and prioritising when the house is such a squeeze. I have to get a summerhouse/lock up for the end of the garden and move my small shop there so that I can turn the garage into a studio. Time is eating away at me for that. BUT!! I am going to scrap tonight for Ribbon Mad, The Scrapbook Maggo, A Trip Down Memory Lane and Blonde Moments. Maybe I might just scrap for me - the effers are up and its a coolio one. Which reminds me, Debs at the Scrap Pad has just asked me to help with the Effing Dares there - which Im chuffed about. So there's more stuff to churn out - but its what I love. Ellie is helping me select colours as I type. Somehow I think purple and lilac can stay in the crap box ellie my love or perhaps you can have it darling ... why is it that purple and lilac is awful in scrapping? Who is going to make that fashionable? Answers on a yellow brad to my usual address, girls.

Ooooh and Ive just added these babies to my e-bay shop. I know some of you have seen them before but these file folders look so darn fabbo when dressed up. They make lovely gifts or keepsakes for yourself (handbag size - its what we like). Im just selling the blanks - you just add your own inspo. Sadly I have to put a copyright on the design cos thats the kind of snobby scrapper I am. Mwahahahahhahaaha - kidding witchya. But then again............

Im off to Dyans tomorrow and Ellie is coming with me. Dyan has never met Ellie but seeing as its the local elections at her school I have no choice but what fun! Ive never voted in my life and Im deffo not voting if this is what they think of education - making a child miss a day at school so some fat cat councellor can get a seat and make plans to do nothing or something at the expense of us non believers. I really do think that some form of explanation or guidnce about manifesto's and government issues should be explained in school. Ever since I was 6 years old I have lived through labour/conservative/labour and have been ignorant to the fact that nothing in my life has changed dramatically because of it. I guess this winds a lot of you voters up - but to be honest do you really think you make a difference?
Happy voting my darlings. Is that raving monster loony party still on the go? I used to quite fancy that Screaming Lord Such.


T:o)ve said...

Hello Kirsty!
The prize seems just to good to be true..... WOW! Looky winner is all I'm saying :o)

I just had to laugh a little when I read that you don't wote... Here in Norway we had election last year. And to get more wotes they made a reclame that I found wery amucing ;o) I woted after that, cause 'I want to be able to decide for myself what to put on my toast...' ;o)
I can tell you more about it sometime..... Happy woting for everyonu else then Kirsty then!!! Hihi.

Have a fine day together with your daughter!

Tracey said...

Hi Kirsty

You lucky duck getting those deliveries. I love it when we get new stock through - tis like Christmas!!

Can't make it to Bonanza this year but I'm sure you'll let us know all about it...

Tracey x

greyparrot said...

oooh if ya like farty poopy books there is another about a mole who gets pooed on-tis most funny!
Chq is on its way, and you have been tagged!

zarischka said...

Mmmm... Piiiiizza...!

The file folders are tooo cute! I think I need some... I didn't even know that before. Now I now, and I have new cravings. What can I blame, but you, and this dangerous blog of yours?... *giggles*

But honestly - they are mega cute!

scrapbookmom said...

I need to look for that Pooh book. My little dd loves to read Parts and we need Parts 2 to go with it.

Galaxy Girl said...

Ohhhhhhh, file folders, I want to stock those in the Galaxy, are they your own?

Jaffa cakes for the correct answer on that one!


domestic goddess said...

missed you babes, will try and catch up tomorrow in between the million and one things i have to do before my little girls bday on saturday
take care hunny

Anonymous said...

No dribbling on that Kit Kirsty:lol: See you at Bonanza!
Lorraine A x

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