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22 May 2006

Holland back - just!

I had a great weekend in Holland with Debs (how blue are her eyes?**envy**) We laughed like cackling witches, made layouts on our dinner plates, bought some amazingly cheap goodies, received free exfoliation from the windy beach front (and Im talking Hurricaine Charly), drank tankards of beer when I was infact toying with eating some of that tempting vanilla cake they serve in pubs and scrapped whilst under the influence. Met loads of new people over at a scrapping event which we kind of just fleeted through and it was lovely seeing Mary, the 2 Suzannes, Julie, Elaine and Sharon again as well as Nats (great to actually spend time with her, my lovely Editor who give me lots of work - especially when I announce it so lovingly on my blog!), Becks and baby becks (wee Eden...yummy!) and Meeeesh (top dog at PP). It was also nice to put faces to avatars such as Dawn and Irene too. I got to meet Mandy from Modern Scrapbooking too who is hosting Elsie in September (so envious - need to bag a space I do!) and Mandy was so lovely I certainly wish I knew more of the UK girls were there - it would have made the weekend more perfect (if thats possible).
Coming back was hideous. Im no pilot but coming in to land far quicker than the speed you would for taking off is not bloody funny. We smelled fear for about 10 seconds and practically kissed Terra Firma as we alighted the plane of doom. We were out of the airport so quick compared to the 34 miles of taxiing you have to adventure through at Schiphol. I got back this morning at 0130hrs. Im tired but so excited as Im going away fro a little holiday to Wales. Non work related breaks are bliss but I still will have wee projects to do sat in a caravan in blissful North Wales - that's if the weather sorts itself out. Its like November here in the UK.
Pic is one of a gazillion bicycles we saw out there. Holland is so chilled out and everyone is so lovely. I cannot believe how many cyclists we saw (and windmills, ta-daaaaaaa)
OOOOOOOh and I have a list of people moaning about my spelling mistakes. Can I just say to those kind Dictionary Police to get in line with the Grammar Police and the Sense of Humour Police (as well as my mother who thinks my spello's are funny). Thats what makes me, ME! Its an art form you know.
Oh an here are pictorials of layouts I did for the last two dares at my haunt on the Pad. Very basic and simple but you gotta love the pics in the "I dream"layout. Her concentration whilst surfing is unbelievable oooh an the perfect curls picture is a bit dark Im afraid.xx


debbie said...

omg kirks that photo is bloody hideous!! LOL

thanks for a fabby weekend and look forward to seeing you soon :) :)

domestic goddess said...

fab piccie of you girls, blimey the SP police should head over to me i am the worst!!!!
Big hugs to you babe

Ann(i)e said...

Glad you are back sweetie...and hope you are feeling better!!

Ams said...

yay you're back! hope you got my LO okay?
you've been mentioned in my blog mwahhaha


Sue said...

Kirsty HUN..I am the worlds worst speller! not you. I don't care what people think!!
Did you get your Tattoo done??
Glad you had a FAB time!!

Cath said...

Ooooooooooo I've been checkin' and checkin' to see if you've come back - wanted a full update on Holland :D - would you recommend it for next year then?

Another carp speller here, so good to know there are a few of us :D

Glad you had a fabby time - very jelous

Cath said...

Mawwwaahhhhaaahaaa... so you just went as a couple of reprebates then :D ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad we got to meet up again - I hear you missed Ella - I'll have to book her in for a session!! Suzanne xx

Jolene said...

Holland sounds fab, darlink - I'm coming next time. Oh, and tell the spelling, grammmar and sense of humour police to eff off and get a life :D :D xxx

The Rolling Stamp Queen!! said...

That photo is great, Debs!! Thanks for the great laugh you two. Take care Debs and I will see you soon Kirsty!!

Big hugs ,