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17 May 2006

A grand day out

My MIL, Pat, loved her birthday card I made her on Monday and fancied buying some of the swanky lil black peel offs you can buy. I never thought Id see the day when I bought peel offs, let alone black. But they are a wonder to card frontage-dom and look super swish. Kind of like "rubber stamped and embossed" with a slick finish in trendy fonts. So we went to Courtyard Crafts on the Albert Docks in Liverpool. I bought Cathy Zielske Mark II book and I have licked it a million times. I blummin love it there and have been lots of times recently with Anna and Sue. I took this snap of them and am presenting them with a copy tomorrow. I think they look lovely - I know they will be pleased with it.

I also drove the Clitheroe tonight to pick up some of these babies. They are quite hard to get hold of and one lady managed to grab me some for me and my freinds at the Pad. I think they are FABULOUS - a real time saver at crops when journalling is crucial when there is no PC to hand. Perfecto for cards and ATC's too. I think these could possibly well be the new black in Scrapping. Go visit her website and if they are out of stock - do email her becuase she can get them a lot quicker than most scrap suppliers in the uk plus they are GREAT value. - oooh I forgot to tell you what they do. They are like a date stamp but instead of numbersand months and years ... you get letter sof the alphabet to make words. Anyword just as long as its less than 10 letters wide! Still, Its a fabbo piece of kit xx


Sue said...

Ohh i haven't been to Albert Docks for YONKS!! ( i am originarly from Liverpool)
Have a FAB few days!
Love Sue xx

bookit said...

i have the same stamp and also the one they make with cursive writing, a little bit smaller font...can't live without them these days!
enjoy your new goody!

Jolene said...

Lovely photo of your MIL and FIL, Kirstles - they will be dead chuffed :)

Chrissie said...

Ooo what a great product. Just up my back alley, that one :D

Hebe said...

I've pre-ordered the stamps - like the look of them! You'll have to let me know when you're next coming to Liverpool, Kirsty, so I can get to meet you there as I missed you at Bonanza.

Ams said...

i want me one of those stamper things!


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