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26 May 2006

A day full of Art

Ive done so much today. Finished off two CJ's, one effing layout for the dare on the "Pad" and Mark came home last night sporting his own piece of artwork - on his flaming arm! I had no idea he was getting this done. I quite like it but I couldn't exactly serve him with the divorce papers after seeing that! Mwahahahahahahaha. Its really scarey because although we are married - a tattoo is kind of like a bit more binding. Is binding the right word? You know what I mean. Crumbs. Unless of course he leaves me for another Kirsty - then Im sure thats fine. Lord - what am I talking about?
My dare layout was based on the number 10. I was racking my lil brains all week to try and find somwething suitable. It was "I-hate-you-scrapping-all-the-time-you-mad-crazy-woman-Mark-Wiseman" that came up with scrapping my toes. Gee wizzy wizz man. You either love what I do or don't. Make your mind up - aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh. I used up lots of scraps for this layout. By using my scraps for challenges like this makes the job so much less costly. I mean, I do stuff for mags and ok they get paid for. I do albums for me and us and I like to slurge out on stuff for them. But challenges ..... I dont know. I just feel more satisfied using spare bits up and I completely enjoy it. And I am insanely in love with my provo craft roller stamp (spells out Ten Toes on the layout).
Annie Hafermann - Look away. Cos this is the entry I did in your scrummy CJ. Annie's yummo book is entitled "Recipe for Life" and I couldn't help but use one of my lovely pictures of Ellie from yesterday in it. I actually think its one of my best CJ entries yet. To say I lost my mojo the other night too ... it must be the sunshine we had today that fuelled my hunger to get cracking. Im completely still in love with chatterbox a roo and you will find me using the scraps of this until every last centimetre has been used up. And have you seen the super cute flowers now available from Anna?
We are going to sunny welsh wales for a few days tomorrow whilst some of our freinds use our house to stop and visit their nearby family. I hate having to leave my wee house at times but Im glad all four walls will be cared for whilst we laze in the welsh hospitality. I wonder if I give our house sitters a paint brush that they would do the bathroom for us? Whilst we are away Im not going to be updating my blog neither but what I am going to do is download a few photography lessons and photoshop courses along with trying out my new wacom tablet and get my butt into gear for the launch of my new website soon -
Adios my fine freinds xx


mari said...

that tattoo rocks! definitely a sign of "binding". i once did that...years ago. needless to say i'm not still with him, so trust me, you can still hand him the divorce papers lol!

Paula said...

Have a lovely time in Wales. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! That's some tattoo! Love your CJ pages with that gorgeous pic of Ellie! Happy hols hun.

Sue (baru) xx

Jolene said...

Ooh, nice tat, Mark :D - seriously, that is coolio ;) - have a fab time in Wales, Wisemans - talk to you soon, Kirst xx

domestic goddess said...

have a lovely time babes

Ams said...

I had a friend whos dad got 'kim' tattooed on his arm... every woman he dated after that was called kim!
scary! he can always get it removed though ;)
haha how negative are we!

ania said...

Lol, now thats kinda scary and kinda sweet at the same time, the tattoo.....if you're ever in doubt, remember the tattoo :P

Nice and cool toelayout by the way....such a cool theme! :)

Ann(i)e said...

I just LOVE the cj entry you did in my lil' book...can't wait to get it back and lick it and stroke it!!!
Sure hope you are having a blast my dear!!!

Missy said...

Wow this is a totally loaded entry. Frist the tatoo is very touching. For sure shows his dedication to your family. Next the circle journal entry is just creative. Last the effer dare page....holy cow girl that is so cool....and I have to say your shoes are too cool. Very clever page!!!!

Anam said...

so jealous of your creative flow at the moment. have a fab time.

saying nothing about tattoos given what i have :0

Anonymous said...

I hope, it's OK