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4 May 2006

A Day at Dyans

I love it at Art from The Heart Studios. Dyan Reavely's gaff is the most scrumptious place to get motivated and inspired and I feel like family when I go. I roll my sleeves up and muck in with the gang as well as slurp over the scrap goodies. Both Ellie and I had a lovely day. As there are no windows at the studio you can imagine how Ellile loves that. She cannot bare sunlight (vampire in a previous life, perhaps?) so this place is perfection. Dyan allowed Belle to go rummaging in her button box and explore the twists and turns and nooks and crannies of this cavern of delights. I even have proof of child exploitation in the work place! Dyan was so good to her and I know little Belle was a tad bored - she never really complained as I got roped in to doing a nifty wee layout for a project going out quite soon. I love the moody shot of Dyan - she has this fabulous opening to her studio in painted brick - we have planned some family shots there in a few weeks. I seriously cannot wait. I have too many ideas for some great pics to put in their scrapbooks. Plus there is a baby in the family who is just the most delicious creature you could ever wish to clap eyes on. I see fingers and toes and little peaches in the form of ann geddes but not squished into plant pots. No No No!
Are you all getting nervy about tomoz announcement for the Scrap Yourself Challenge? Again, I have to remind you how horrible it is to let most of you down. I have sat in the same seats as you and got a lump in my throat that I didn't make a 1st place in a comp. But this is for one winner only and although her layout will be the winner it doesnt mean yours was not acceptable. Plus some of your layouts are being chosen to go in a maggo - and those that are chosen are not the finalists (per se). I need a good genre of layouts to encourage all types of scrappers to start that BOM. Journalistic, artistic, visual, digital - the lot!
This is my effer #25. This week you had to create something to the tune of "I will never...." I finished it off with .... "give up on green" As I used to have a profound disdain to green I have suddenly (in my scrapping world) found it more attractive. I had to over satch a photo of me for another project a while back and my mouth did not print out. I kept the picture for one of those mad moments and as the photo was mainly in green tones, I used it for this and it was perfecto. saying that - the picture is a bit skew wiff as I was in a bit of a rush.
But Im so loving the effers and with that, combined with promoting the importance of scrapping yourself, made a great double whammy. With that in mind, keep an eye out for BOM prompts coming soon on UKS. I won't be happy until all 12,000 members have started that BOM.
PS: Hello to Emily and Marybeth (my cousins) who I saw on the way home from Harrogate. Mail me soon, ok?
PPS Catherine, sorry about any grammatical confusion - I wubs my poo book and the smelly trumps it eminates. Give me Daisy and all will be well with the world xx


Jo(lene) said...

Gorgeous photo of Dyan, Kirstles, and lovely to see that beautiful daughter of yours - I bet she was a peach at Dyan's :) - lovin' your Effer!! xx

greyparrot said...

You are quite right about the gorgeous babyness arrival! She is divine! And I want her! Can't wait to see pics!
Now-green-I was the same! Detested green, but now rather like it- and - *gulp* even wear it now!

Missy said...

oooohhh WOW your effer dare layout is fantastic. Your style fits with the amazingly talented effer girls so well...truly awesome work Kirsty.

Nicola said...

The picture of Dyan is great i am so jealous you got to go there i am hoping to do a weeknd this year. Love your latest layout.

Roz Roz said...

Oh I'm green with envy, I so love going to Dyans place, its like a big squishy home that you can just snuggle right down in and explore to your hearts content.

Fabby pic of Dyan as well.

Your effers challenge is brilliant, you make that green look so nice, don't know how you manage to do it, whenever I try it looks like something has puked up.

Anonymous said...

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