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8 May 2006

Best of British

Does anyone know the full list of Best of British Scrapbooking for 2006? Luckily I do because some of my fabbo friends are amongst the winners and I thought it would be just dandy to showcase their names on my little blog-a-roo. Announced in March 2006 (at the same time as the launch of the scrap yourself challenge) a group of talented ladies won this prestigous accolade. I suppose its akin to the CK HOF albeit on a very small scale. The Brits seems to get a bit of a hard time being recognised by our yummy scrap sisters across all 7 seas so I thought it would be nice for you to congratulate them with me.

Scrapbooking - Best of the Best
Anam Stubbington
Anna Bowkis
Cara Medus
Corenna Taylor
Donna Vallance
Emma Byford
Hebe Ambler
Julie Gauger
Jackie Swain
Karen Leahy
Lousette Ashton
Patricia Jacoulot
I cannot find the full list of HM's as they were announced at a later date somewhere but I do know my two yummo freinds Jakey and Jo Seymour got them!
Plus Kim Sonksen got best newcomer!
Most of these girls are UK scrappers so please charge your glasses and toast the winners!
Other News
Mark is home and Ellie is absolutely delighted. We put up a flag and banner and her little face was wacthing the clock all day - she loves her Daddy bear so much. So guess who got her nose shoved out for 24 hours? - yep!!!. My poor little arms were missing that sweet little sausage until the next night where we all back to normal (!!! more normal than your average - for those in the know!!!).
Less than 72 hours before I nip off to the UK's largest scrapping event Discover Bonanza I have 320 kits to pack and 4 classes to design. The panic is not about the impending amount of work I have to do - the real fear is hoping everyone has a bloody good time!
I am now allowed to showcase my DT work for April which is below. The may DT work is now on the gallery at A Trip Down Memory Lane please go and support Clare, Karen, Maria and Emma's work when you get a minute or two. Last months paper range was Color Me Silly which I hated at first - now I utterly adore it. This months DT work was using Chatterbox Sun Room - wow.... I WUBS IT


domestic goddess said...

scrummy lo's babes as always, had the pleasure of seeing them IRL, thanks for the toast as well babes, now get your lazy butt over to my blog mwahahhahahaah

Jo(lene) said...

Such b'yoodiful layouts, darl - I love them. Sending you *quick packing* vibes as you get your class packs ready for Bonanza :)

ashlee said...

love the lo's...great job!

Sue said...

Brill LO's
Thanks for posting the list ..i had no idea that some of my bestest pals were soo famous LOL ..they are all too modest!! Glass raised
Good luck at Bonanza ( not that you need it!)

Mel said...

Still loving that Hoody LO! Hope the packing goes well, can't wait to see you and the rest of the speshal girlies at Bonanza! Mel x

Anonymous said...
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Ams said...

loove those LOs i'm not sure i'd be able to work with such bright colours!

Donswishes blog said...

Thanks for the Toast!
Fab choice of winner for your bom challenge!

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.