Ladies Camera Club

6 Apr 2006

So mcuh to do and challenge update

Challenge update (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
I have received our first MEXICAN entry - how super duper luper ma-juper is that? That along with more UK scrappers pouring their hearts and souls onto yummo pages. Also the original Queen of BOM's - Angie Piederson has offered to donate a a signed book for the challenge too. Im quite flattered she offered such a personal prize - thank you Angie xx
Other News
Tommorrow should see A Trip Down Memory Lane upload their design team gallery. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed using this months kit - its fabulous. I have done 4 projects with one waiting for a title to be finished. I cannot wait to see what the other girls have done - exciting times.
More excitement from the Wiseman camp. Im doing 2 (poss 3) stints at three shops in LA - one called Sweetpeas and Snapshots (just go and have a look at their site - what they do for little girls tea parties is outstanding) and The Crop Circle are letting me head a make and take on the day I fly home. Ems and I are praying that The Scrapbook Oasis can fit us in for a sneaky hour or so where we can beaver away with stash and create wonders to drool over (i'll actually be in tow of Ems .. her stuff just blows me away!). Elsie just taught there last week. I might be able to scrape up some of her wisdom off the floor. Im so excited I keep having to blow into brown paper bags - so much so that the condensation will prevent them being made into mini books. But who cares - im trekking and scrapping in a one-er.... a scrappable event in itself.
Mark and I are gonna go total tack on the bling side of LA. Along Rodeo drive (a-la pretty woman), jump from letter to letter on the Hollywood sign, eat junk-a-roo, walk the walk of fame, take snaps of everything .. even the garbage - who cares. Im in LA!!!!! Im waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too excited. Im more excited than I was when I went to NY last year. And then I cried everytime I saw a familiar sign like 5th Avenue, Macys, Tiffany's, Bloomingdales - hell.. even Starbucks!! I cried at the top of The Empire State building when I heard Ella Fitzgerald singing 50's jazz, I cried at Grand Central Station and I cried when we went ice skating in Central Park - and it started to snow the second we stepped onto the ice. Im not sure I could get all romantical and weepy in LA ..... who knows. Perhaps Ill bump into Tom Cruise and be proud that Im actually taller than somebody (Ems is 5'10" - YURKS) Anyway. I need to plan my trip - thanks to those leaving tips on my comments. And no - im not doing a Micheals run for all of you. Im back packing remember.. NO ROOM for anything and Sue - I know you suggested making a belt with ribbons but I tell you........ NO ROOM!
**ps - photo is random photo from my stock. I was gonna do a layout about my zig pens on this months kit from ATDML but in the end I decided it was too cheese on toast! Too cheddary for words.**


lee woodside said...

What a buzz! I am getting all excited just by reading your post and I am not even going. YOu are going to have a blast. So cool that you get to catch up with Em.

Frano's said...

hey kirsty,

could you add my link to your challenge links under "oz" pretty please. (i know you got my email but i'd just love to see my name this vain...egotistical...hope not!!!

thank you!!

love sharon

Michelle W. said...

how cool! love Em's stuff.

love Oasis

did you try out Sprinkles cupcakes over by Rodeo? Oh those are soooo good.


Jen said...

Your excitement is just too contagious! Breathe it all in, take pics and show us everything when you get back!!

debbie said...

kirsty im so excited for you hun - good things happen to good people and its your turn :) Im going to do the scrap yourself challenge this weekend i promise - talk to you soon and have a fab time backpacking - wish i could do it!!

Anonymous said...

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