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26 Apr 2006

Scrap Yourself Challenge ends 30th April

Ok - Im updating the list of entrants today and to remind you this challenge cuts off on 30th April. I will announce the winner sometime next week as there are loads to fine tune and whittle down to one ultimate winner.

I want to tell you at this stage that if you layout or one of your favourites layout does not win - its not because its was not good enough. Ive not seen one bad entry.. this is very difficult for me. I have whittled my favourites down to 30 so far and then my mum is going to choose one. This seems only fair as I have lots of freinds who have entered and this way I will still be on their christmas card list! I have sponsorship from the Royal Mail for an overseas winner should she win and I have sponsorship from Sarahs Card Ltd for a British winner - should there be one!!

I have had plenty of emails stating why I should pick one particular layout and its so nice of you to be as excited as myself. I don't ignore these emails as you know and I have replied to you stating thats its going to be very hard - but exciting at the same time.

Other Stuff
I still have more Cali pics to edit and download so in the meantime - have this of my little Belle which I took at the weekend at the park in Garforth, Leeds. She spotted this beheaded daffodil and was distraught. She gets so upset that flowers die and even more sad at autumn time when the leaves fall.
Isn't she the most sensitive little thing you could ever wish to love?


domestic goddess said...

oo babes, love this photo, and the colour left on the daff
i honestly dont knwo how you are going to choose an ultimate winner, i dont envy your mum or you

zarischka said...

Wow... Lots and lots for me to read after a vacation with no computer... But I love it - and I also love the photo - it's brilliant!! :)

bookit said...

love the PS'ing on this subtle :)

mandy said...

aww, what a wee poppet she is, bless her being so upset for the little daffodil, she's gorgeous.

Jen said...

What excitement! Is your mum open to bribes??? Love that cute piccie of Elle Belle and the sadness she feels for the flowers. Bless ;)

Roz Roz said...

Oh the little sweety, the pic is gorgeous, love the effect.

Jo(lene) said...

She is a beauty - we wubs her! Can't wait to see you both on Friday :D xx

Cheryl said...

Oh my word I have no idea how you are gonna do it,pick just one winner. But in truth we are all winners since you started us seriously looking at ourselves and scrapping about us!

I have to say a big ole thank you to you, I love my page and have had not one of the usual oh jittery jot thoughts about it being good enough. I love it in all its dotty and flowery glory and frankly I don't care if anyone else likes it or not.

I love your wee poppet and that beautiful wee daff, reminds me of my big (I am about to be five Mummy) girl spotting a beautiful flower sitting next to a coin on the footpath and bringing me the flower and leaving the dosh sitting there!

Cheryl the dotty kiwi girl

Frano's said...

i don't envy your mum's decision! thank you for having this comp. how cool!

love sharon

KimmyS said...

What an awesome picture and bless your baby's sensitve side. She is the sweetest doll

scrapbookmom said...

Love the daffodil pic. Really cool effect with the b/w and the color. I like it alot.

Happy weekend!!

Jennie said...

Love the photo of Bella, she is a sweetie.

I don't envy your Mum, having to pick a winner.

Lene S said...

Such a beautiful picture!! I love the yellow daffodile in the b/w photo, and also the angle of the motive. BEAUTIFUL :o)

Sue said...

Really LOVE that photo. What a darling :)
Sorry Kirsty i know you are busy but....You've been tagged

Five things in your fridge
Five things in your Car
Five things in your bag
Five things you would watch on sky plus
5 things in your wardrobe....
send to 5 0thers as well

Mel said...

God why is it I turn up on a blog ready to tag and someone gets there first - Kirsty hunny, see those questions Sue asked - well I am asking them too but you get to kill two birds with one stone and answer just once to satisfy both of us! Good luck choosing the winner (well good luck to Mummy Kirsty) and bless Ellie for being a gorgeous little sweetiepie with her flower.

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!